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Emirates Has Added a Cool New First Class Feature – Home Check-In! [From Two Cities]

Written by Charlie

Emirates has a new first class feature for passengers in two UAE cities. This is Home Check-In to make the whole process more comfortable than ever.

Emirates has long had a very special first class cabin full of features. Their food is fantastic and the first class cabins are often described using the word “bling.” In addition, when departing from Dubai, you get some great things like an amazing first class lounge that is more like a terminal and now, you get one more feature!

Emirates First Class Home Check-In

Emirates has long had chauffeur service available in many locations and now, if you are departing from either Dubai or Sharjah, you get access to Home Check-In. This new feature will make the entire airport experience even more seamless. Here is what it includes.

As long as you book the complimentary Home Check-in service at least 24 hours before your flight and schedule it for at least 6 hours before the departure, you can pick a time that works best for you.

A Check-in Agent will visit either your home or hotel and “complete all check-in formalities, including document verification, checking-in of baggage, and issuing boarding passes.”  Should you end up having more luggage at the last minute, you have a dedicated counter at the airport for that luggage upon arriving at the airport.

While Lufthansa has awesome document check/verification services for their first class customers, this is taking it to a whole other level. While you are sitting in your hotel or home, they will do all of that right there with you.

Once you arrive at Dubai (DXB), which still has to be at least 90 minutes before your flight, you go right to immigration and security. Since you already handled all the luggage and document verifications, this should be a very smooth process. You have dedicated lanes as a first class passenger anyway.

I could not find if this is excluded for award customers but I would not think it would be since they have made it more difficult/expensive with partners for awards.

Of course, back at the Dubai airport, after clearing immigration and security, you can access the first class lounge and then board right from the lounge.

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