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Earn SPG Free Nights or Points With Targeted Promo – Some Mattress Running Potential

SPG Free Night
Written by Charlie

Another promo is out where you might earn SPG free nights or points – there are a bunch of targeted offers out there! Some of them may even be mattress-run worthy!

The Hyatt promo is open and ready for point-earning enthusiasts and now Starwood has rolled out their point-earning promo that might earn you SPG free nights or points. However, they chose to go the targeted reward route. So, is it worth mattress running for this one?

Earn SPG Free Nights or Points With Targeted Promo

SPG Free Night

Normally, these hotel promos are targeted as in which guests get certain rewards from the promo. While that is the case this time, Starwood also has chosen to target members to even be eligible for this promo. That kind of stinks (I was eligible but my wife was not) but it is what it is.

Check To See If Targeted and Reward

So, first check to see if you are eligible for this promo. The link to sign in and see is here. Sign in with your SPG number and it will tell you if you are eligible and, if you are, what your reward for completing the promo is. Do not forget to enter your e-mail address on that window to register! Simply entering your SPG number does not register you. It reveals your promo but you will still need to enter your e-mail and click register.

Here are some of the potential promo rewards that have been received by members so far:

  • Earn maximum of 7,500 Starpoints after 4 stays (this was my offer)
  • Earn 1 free night (Category 1 – 5) after 1 stay w/ maximum 2 free nights
  • Earn 1 free night (Category 1 – 5) after 2 stays w/ maximum 2 free nights
  • Earn 6,000 points after 6 stays x3 w/ maximum 18,000 points
  • Earn 2,000 points after each stay w/ maximum 6,000 points
  • Check this Flyertalk thread for more

There are many more out there as well so make sure you check and see if you are eligible and what your reward is!

Mattress Run Worthy?

A mattress run, in case you are not familiar with it, is the idea of staying at hotels for the purpose of earning points or elite status. It can be a local hotel where you simply check in and do not stay or another location that you book just to stay and earn the points.

For most of the promo rewards, it is likely not a good idea to mattress run for the reward. But, if you received one of the free night offers, I would definitely consider that mattress-run worthy! On a promo a few years ago, my wife got the one stay = one free night offer and it was a fantastic value! We booked a room for $45 and ended up redeeming the certificate at a property that was $250+.

The idea is to find the property you plan on redeeming the free nights at (remember, Category 1 – 5) and then find a cheap Starwood property to stay at for one night. Even though it says stay, a single night is still a stay (a 4 night consecutive reservation counts as 1 stay as well). Check airport hotels as Starwood properties there can be very cheap (like Washington, DC and Atlanta). Also check places that are not exactly tourist ready yet (any place where there is still snow!).

No Point Stays

For this promo, award stays and Cash&Point stays are not valid (though they normally are for elite status). Any eligible paid rate will count.


Promos are a great way to get points and free nights. Make sure you check to see if you are eligible! Let us know what you promo offer you received.


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