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Earn 3X Starpoints Per Dollar with These Two Promos

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Written by Charlie

Take advantage of these two promos to earn 3X Starpoints per dollar! That can be very valuable and even translate into 9X Marriott points per dollar!

One of the hardest currencies to earn has to be SPG Starpoints. Yes, there are stay promotions (like other hotels) but the card itself does not have any bonus categories – aside from spending at SPG properties. So getting 1 Starpoint per dollar is the norm. But, with these two promos, you can earn 3X Starpoints per dollar!

Earn 3X Starpoints Per Dollar with These Two Promos

earn 3x starpoints

Before we begin, the first promo is one that is targeted but many, many people have been targeted so there is a good chance you are as well! I first wrote about it a couple of  weeks ago so will just give the pertinent details here.

Spend $5,000, get 5,000 Bonus Starpoints

Post Link: Double Spending Bonus on SPG Cards

This is available to customers (targeted, but widely) on both the business and personal cards. Here are the links and details:

  • Personal SPG Card – Spend $5,000 by 12/31/2016 and receive 5,000 bonus Starpoints (must register here)
  • Business SPG Card – Spend $5,000 by 12/31/2016 and receive 5,000 bonus Starpoints (must register here)
    • Receive an additional 5,000 bonus Starpoints for spending another $5,000

With this bonus, you are effectively earning 2X Starpoints per dollar if you spend to and reach the $5,000 threshold. That is good enough by itself for points that are commonly valued at over 2 cents per point!

Receive 2X Starpoints at Small Businesses

earn 3x Starpoints

Post Link: Earn 2X Points

And here is the second promo and one I wrote about yesterday. This one rewards you with an additional Starpoint per dollar spent (not 2x the bonus earning from above). This also needs to be registered for but is available on both SPG cards to all customers.

Link: 2X Small Business Spending Promo

The cap for the personal cards is at $100,000 in spending and the cap for the business cards is $250,000 in spending. This spending promo is also good through 12/31/2016 and you must register your cards for this one as well.

Putting the Promos Together

Link: Small Business Map

If you were able to spend $5,000 at small businesses with either your SPG personal or business card, you would end up with 15,000 Starpoints as a result of registering for these two promos!

Yes, this is relying on you doing that spending at small businesses, but you might be surprised at which locations in your area are categorized as small businesses! I have found some great stores that are coded that way in the past even though they are chain locations.

One option that I have found works good is with running stores. In the past, my friends did not mind my picking up the tab when we purchased shoes/clothes/accessories (yes, some of them did not get the fun of points!) and they would just pay me back. With high-end running shoes running $130+ and winter gear as well as some GPS watches, you can get up into the thousands very quickly!

But, remember, you do not get the first 5,000 bonus points unless you hit the $5,000 in spending. To max this out at 3x per dollar, all that spending would need to be at small businesses. So, it could be less and more like 2.5x per dollar for most people’s spending habits. Still, if you want to max out your Starpoints earning potential, this is a great way to do that!

SPG -> Marriott

Oh yes, don’t forget about the 1:3 conversion to Marriott points! If you hit the $5,000 in spending for these two promos, you could transfer to Marriott and receive 45,000 Marriott points! If you were able to register for both promos on both business and personal cards and max those out, you would accrue 45,000 Starpoints or 135,000 Marriott points! Not a bad haul at all! But, that would require spending $15,000 on at small businesses so that will not be for everyone.

Earning Starpoints is always great since they are so flexible. If you take advantage of these two promos, you could earn 3X Starpoints with some of that spending!

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