Details About the 2022 Boston Marathon – Entry Numbers, Vaccination, and More

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Here are the details about the 2022 Boston Marathon! Find out how many runners are allowed as well as vaccination requirements and registration window.

If it seems like the 2021 Boston Marathon just happened, you would be right! It was not even a month ago and here we go talking about the 2022 Boston Marathon!

Details About the 2022 Boston Marathon

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This past Boston Marathon saw one of the smaller fields in recent history. Many runners were unable to run this year, in spite of having a qualifying time, due to the smaller field. Fortunately, the 2022 Boston Marathon will see a larger field with 30,000 runners being the cap for 2022.

The 2022 Boston Marathon will take place once again on Patriots’ Day, April 18, 2022. Every single runner in the race will be required to be fully vaccinated (with the exception of medical exemptions that will be examined on a case-by-case basis). However, I have a question mark on this one since the term “fully vaccinated” has been changing in definitions in the last month, depending on the country. For Israel, that term has started to mean having a third shot if the previous shot was 6 months or more before. What will “fully vaccinated” mean for the Boston Marathon? That will remain to be seen and will be based on what the CDC says, I am sure.

The cost for entering the 2022 Boston Marathon will be $205 for US residents and $255 for international runners. Unlike the 2021 Boston Marathon, the 2022 Boston Marathon will likely see a spike in runners from the UK and Europe so do not think the expanded field will guarantee you a spot!

Speaking of registration, that will open next week on November 8 – November 12. Unlike any time before the current registration system, this registration period will not be in waves based on the amount of clearance over the qualifying time you have. Everyone that has a Boston Marathon qualifying time (see below) can enter at any time during that week but it is not first-come, first-serve! It will still go by the amount of time you have cleared your qualifying time.

Age GroupMenWomen

Remember that this time for the 2021 Boston Marathon was a cutoff time of over 7 minutes from the qualifying time! It could be very close to that for 2022 since international runners are again able to visit the US and there were many runners that passed on the 2021 Boston Marathon due to travel concerns and other Covid concerns.

We will be back later this week with more information about the registration process.

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