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Awesome Travel Camera! Sony RX100VI Camera for $466 – Great Pocket Cam with Big Zoom [Refurbished]

Written by Charlie

Want a great, compact travel camera? This deal on the Sony RX100VI is a great one – just $466 for a refurbished model! This will do things your smartphone can’t!

While smartphone camera technology has come a long way, there are still some things that smartphone cameras are not good at. Namely, capturing a quality photo from a distance away and taking a photo in lower light without getting “noise” in the image. That is why this deal for the Sony RX100VI is just such a great deal!

Great Deal on the Sony RX100VI Compact Camera

Link: Sony RX100VI Deal – $466 (this is an affiliate link that supports the site)

Why This Camera Is Great for Travel 

I have owned the previous model of this camera (the one with a faster lens but less reach) and I can tell you that the Sony RX series of cameras are great for travel! Not only do the RX100 cameras have a very pocketable size but that size is matched with a quality 1″ sensor. This particular model also has a 24mm – 200mm (35mm equivalent) lens.

For those who just want a good travel camera and don’t understand what those above numbers mean, here is simply. The larger the camera sensor, the more light that gets in so the better the image in situations with lower light. A 1″ sensor is much bigger than a smartphone camera lens so it can capture quite a bit more light!

The other part, the 24-200, shows the reach that the camera lens has. 24mm is the wide end of the lens and 200mm is the telephoto end. Most smartphone cameras only have optical lenses that reach to 52mm or maybe 70mm (though the new Samsung S20 cameras reach farther as does the Huawei P20Pro). So, you can stand in one place and capture something of better detail at a much further distance.


There are two things that I had issue with this camera. One was the battery life. It isn’t great (which isn’t a surprise since it is a small camera) so you may want to grab another battery or two. Those are under $35 for actual Sony batteries.

The other thing is that the camera is small enough that it can be hard to hold without it slipping sometimes. They make this grip for $15 that you can stick on the front.

Manufacturer Refurbished?

The eBay seller, Secondipity, is one that I have purchased from before. I have found their Sony items to be in great condition. They list this as being a manufacturer refurbished which they say means it has been refurbished by Sony or an authorized outlet. One more thing – this is the same seller that has sold the great deals on the Sony WH-1000XM3 headphones I have written about.

This will not come in a retail box but will come with regular accessories and will have a 90 day warranty.

The normal price on this camera is $1,199 (but is currently on sale from Best Buy for $999). This deal has it at $548 plus another 15% off in the cart. The total will depend on whether eBay charges sales tax for your state.

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