Deal of the Day: Montrail Running Shoes – And The Fun of Trails

trail running
Written by Charlie

If you have never run on trails, then you are seriously missing out on a great part of running! I was a exclusive road runner for about 1o months – and then the trail bug bit!

The Fun Of Trails

While road races are fun, there is really nothing like the camaraderie of running on the trails. While a road race is about getting down to business, especially on fast courses, a trail race will break you if you do not approach it the right way. Trails can be unforgiving if you try to go flying over them – and that is actually a beautiful part of the experience. Since a trail race is normally taken at a slower pace, it forces you to take in and enjoy your surroundings. Plus, it allows you to see what you have inside of you as well since some trail races may have you by yourself for an hour or more on the trails.

My First Trail Race

My first trail race was the Finger Lakes Fifties, a looped trail race that takes place in the Finger Lakes region of New York. It is beautiful country and some of the pastures (really the only open land you will go through) will give you some stunning views of the surrounding areas – and from a nice elevation. There were two options – a 50km (31 miles) and a 50 mile race.

The 50km race was two loops while the 50 mile course did three loops and a little extension. I ran the 50km race that day as my first ultra and my first trail race and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Not only is it a great day in nature but it is also like a picnic on the go. The aid stations are not stocked with only orange slices, bananas, and GU gels – instead, you could find sandwiches, Pringles, pretzels, gummy bears, chili, soup, etc. All of it was easy to pick up so you could take it on the go. After that, I ran several more trail races and really enjoyed them.

Deal of the Day – Montrail Running Shoes

trail running

Which brings us to the Deal of the Day! While it is entirely possible (and even preferable) to run many trails in road shoes, it can be more useful at times to tackle the trails with trail shoes – shoes that are built to handle the terrain and give you the extra support so you do not easily roll your foot the wrong way. Montrail makes some great shoes and they were my first trail shoes (unlike road shoes, I am not married to a single trail model/brand). If you want to take to the trails and even try some more difficult ones, consider picking up a pair of these trail shoes to help you in your trail-running quest.

Trail running

Today only, Amazon has a 50% off sale on 4 Montrail running shoes. Here is the list:

These are some pretty great deals and allow you to dip your feet into the trail shoe arena without putting out a ton of money. With the summer and drier ground upon us, this is a great time to explore the trails. I do warn you – you may get hooked! Many a runner as gone off on the trail never to return to the roads! Myself, I like to keep a mixture of the two. 🙂

Disclaimer: I receive a small commission if you purchase a pair of these shoes. Thank you for your support!

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