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Deal of the Day: Anker Video Projectors – An Awesome Portable Projector

Written by Charlie

Check out this deal of the day! Anker has some of their video projectors on sale, from their ultra-portable projector to more powerful projectors as well.

I am a big fan of Anker products. They make some great power products to keep you connected anywhere and everywhere and they even make a very decent set of noise canceling headphones at a good price. They also make video projectors. I have owned one for years and it has been just amazing – and it is on sale today!

Anker Video Projectors on Sale

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There are actually three Anker projectors on sale. The Anker Nebula Capsule is one that I personally have owned for 3 years now and it has been just an awesome travel companion. It is literally the size of a soda can and it is battery operated for up to 4 hours of video projection. We have used it in hotels for family entertainment as well as for anytime I need it for a presentation.

It is on sale for its typical sale price and though there is an upgraded model with improved speaker performance and a brighter light (as well as better resolution), this one still gets a lot of love, thanks to its Android-based operating system.

The other models are not battery operated so are more meant for semi-permanent locations like a house. Still, the Anker Nebula Solar is still a nice size that you can just throw out in the living room when you want to watch something. It is a 1080P projector so definitely better resolution than the Capsule. Plus, it comes with a built-in stand so you are good to go!

Lastly is the Anker Cosmos, also 1080P but with better speakers and more than double the lumens for an even brighter image over the Nebula Solar. It is a larger unit so something you may want to put in a more permanent/semi-permanent location.

Here are the prices:

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