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Deal of the Day: 12″ MacBooks and 13″ MacBook Pros on Sale [Refurbished]

Written by Charlie

There are still some of the very portable and awesome 12″ MacBook laptops around and you can find them here from $699 along with the 13″ MacBook Pro on sale for today only!

When Apple decided to discontinue the 12″ MacBook, I know a lot of people that were extremely disappointed. While it was far from the most powerful (or even “powerful”) of the Apple laptops, it was definitely the most portable. A lot of bloggers loved using it for travel, thanks to its great battery life and small footprint (but an awesome display!).

12″ MacBooks and 13″ MacBook Pros on Sale

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Fortunately, there were enough still kicking around that Amazon (sold by Woot) has scared a few up for a Deal of the Day item. These are all refurbished by Woot/Amazon so they are not Apple refurbs and they do not come with Apple warranties. They do have 90 day Amazon warranties, however. But, if that is ok with you, there are some nice deals to be had!

All of these are 2017 machines. If you just need a computer for basic stuff on the road with things like light photo editing, etc, the 12″ MacBook is for you. If you need something with a little more power and more than one USB C port, go with the 13″ MacBook Pro.

I have actually owned each of these computers and I can say that likely the best balance of performance and size of all of them would be the more expensive 13″ MacBook Pro – $899. Yes, it has half the storage of the 12″ MacBook of the same price but it has a better processor and comes with two ports. You don’t realize how valuable those ports are until you have just one for charging and any peripherals!

That being said, for portably, you cannot beat the 12″ MacBook! My wife has one she uses for when she is out or traveling and it is just amazing!

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