Deal of the Day: Great Discount on Rosetta Stone + Free Tablet

rosetta stone
Written by Charlie

Get a great deal on an entire Rosetta Stone language program and get a free Amazon tablet with it as well! This will help you on your next trip for sure!


I have written about the Rosetta Stone program and various deals with it many times before. There are some pretty great discounts from time to time, including an ongoing Amex Offers for $10 back on $50 or more. This deal here is great if you want to get the complete package at a discount with a $60 tablet thrown in!

Great Discount on Rosetta Stone + Free Tablet

rosetta stone

Link: Amazon Deal of the Day on Rosetta Stone + Free Tablet

Rosetta Stone is a language program that I am very familiar with. I have used this with several languages and while I am not fluent in them :), I have been able to learn quite a bit from the programs. There are multiple deals that come across the internet for Rosetta Stone throughout the years and this is definitely one of the better ones. The courses are available from Rosetta Stone direct for $149 and you can use the Amex Offer on them. Today’s Deal of the Day from Amazon gives several languages for only $139 and they throw their $69 7″ Fire Tablet with 16GB in the package for free!

Here are the languages offered from Amazon with this deal:

All of those come with the Amazon Fire Tablet and each cost $139.


We are fortunate that English is widely spoken around the world but there is really nothing like being able to speak a few phrases with someone in their own country, in their own language. I have shared some amazing experiences with locals just because they appreciated that I had made the effort to communicate with them on a basic level. It can also prove to be helpful when bargaining in certain countries as well! 😉

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