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Daily Getaways Deal: Buy Hilton Points on Sale – Why You May Want to Buy

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Written by Charlie

Today is the first day of the Daily Getaway Deals and the first deal up is to buy Hilton points at a 50% discount. Here is what you should know.

Today is Day 1 of the first week of the Daily Getaways. Today, it is hotel points, Hilton points, to be exact. Let’s jump down to the details.

Daily Getaways Deal: Hilton Points on Sale

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Link: Daily Getaways Deal

Daily Getaways Details: Hilton Points – Starts at 1PM ET (April 15)

Doing the math, we get 1/2 cent per point for these Hilton point packages. This is the same exact price as when they go on sale with the 100% bonus. So, why would you want to buy them this time?

When the sale on buying points comes around, which happens fairly often, it is 160,000 points at the max. That means that you can buy up to 320,000 points total. The 160,000 points is the most you can buy from Hilton in a year. That means that if you already purchased that many Hilton points this year, you would not be able to purchase anymore. But, the points purchased from Daily Getaways do not count inside of that cap! So, you could purchase the 250,000 points, for example, and still buy Hilton points direct from Hilton.

Another avenue for you is to use the Cash and points function with Hilton if you don’t have a goal to use these points right now. This will let you buy at around the same price. But, you will pay taxes while you don’t pay them for pure point redemption rates – something to consider in high tax cities.

If you have a big stay coming up someplace, paying $1,250 for 250,000 Hilton points could help you save some money, depending on the property and the season. If you have Hilton elite status (which you get with any Hilton credit card), you also get 5th night free on award stays. That means that the 250,000 points would work out to spending about 62,500 points per night.

But, if you don’t have a way right now to get at least $270 per night (for a 5 night stay) in value (to take into account the cost per night with points plus the points you would NOT get from not paying cash), I’d pass on the big offers. Unless you are saving for some monster getaway!

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