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What Is With the Credit Card Links Here?

Some people have asked about some of the credit card links on my blog. Yes, I do receive commission from applications made and approved through some of my links. I started this blog as a way to help fellow runners/travelers travel like I have had the privilege to and also to consolidate my advice in one place since I am asked at least a few times a week for my opinion/help with travel. Shortly after I started, I was made aware that some companies will approve such sites of being an affiliate with them and receiving a small commission from credit cards that people apply for through those links. I figured as long as I was putting links to the applications anyway (public links), I might as well see if I could get some commission for it!

Plus, it has helped to let people know when some people ask what they can do express their thanks when I help them with their travel. Let me say this straight – I do not need payment for helping people! I have enjoyed doing this for 10 years and just get a thrill out of saving people hundreds and thousands of dollars in their travel. I enjoy watching a family get to go on a trip when it was only going to be two people until I was able to help them use that same money for the whole family. I enjoy watching people go on some extravagant vacation when they would not otherwise have been able to. These have always been payment enough. However, I do have my own family now and it does take some time to research and prepare blog posts as well as consult with people on their travels. As such, I do appreciate the occasional commission as it helps me be able to better justify the time that it takes away from my family :).

With all of that said, I do not charge for any help you may receive here, I do not charge for advice, and I do not charge for access to this website. I want it to be a help. If you do decide to use one of my credit card application links when you apply for your cards, know that my family and I greatly appreciate it. I always do my best to put the best cards out there, whether they give me a commission or not. For example, at this time, the only cards I receive commissions from are cards from American  Express and Discover. I make a lot of posts about the value of Chase cards and I do not receive any commission from them. The only reason many blog posts will have the detailed ads at the bottom of them for American Express cards is that it is one line of script from my affiliate provider. I do not put those together and do not have such links for any cards that I do not receive commissions.

Hopefully this explains any questions people may have/had about the links on my site. If you ever know of an offer that is better than one that I have listed here, please let me know. I do my best to stay up-to-date, but with a couple of jobs and a family, there are some things that I may miss. To those of you who apply through my affiliate links, THANK YOU! I appreciate you taking the time to do that as I really do appreciate it.


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