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Confirmed: No Elite Miles From US Air To Aegean After March 30

Aegean Gold
Written by Charlie

I wrote last week about if earning Aegean Gold (and thereby Star Alliance Gold) was about to get harder after March 30th. This is because US Airways is exiting the Star Alliance that day and entering Oneworld Alliance on March 31st. US Airways has been the easiest airline for US-based flyers to use to earn Aegean Gold since all of their fare earning classes credited to Aegean at 100%.

Based on an e-mail sent out by US Airways that said they would continue a relationship as partners with certain airlines (including Aegean) after March 30th, many wondered if that would mean that it would still be possible to earn Aegean Gold on US Airways flights. Unfortunately, the chart has been updated at Aegean’s website to note that US Airways flights will only earn award miles, not elite miles, after March 30th. That is a disappointment, to be sure, but at least we know this before the day of reckoning actually comes. If you want to earn Star Gold easily (in the US), you will need to fly US Airways flights before March 30th to credit to Aegean.

Aegean Gold


For those who have already flown (or about to soon), make sure all of your miles have posted to your Aegean account already. I had to file a request last year on two US Airways flights because they had not posted and it took 3 months for those miles to post. I am not sure how such a situation would be handled after US Airways leaves Star. Technically, those flights flown prior to March 30th will still count for elite miles (when credited to Aegean) but because it is a foreign airline and you are very much at the mercy of those you might speak with (its not like you can go to a local ticket counter to discuss it), I would make sure the situation is completely resolved before March 30th. 

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