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Complete List of Chase Cards Eligible For Repeat Customers

Chase Ink Plus
Written by Charlie

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Last month, I wrote that Chase had been updating the terms in their offers of credit cards. These updated terms now allow for customers who have had the cards in the past to receive the bonuses on new applications again, as long as it has been 24 months since you received the bonus on that card and you do not currently have the card open. This is great for the customer who may have no longer needed the card and cancelled it but now finds themselves in a position to need it. Before, that would require applying for the card without receiving anything in return, now, you can receive a new bonus!

Complete List of Chase Cards Eligible for Repeat Customers

Chase used to be quite strict (at least in their terms) about the bonus being valid once per lifetime. Now, they have inserted this special language for almost all of their miles and point cards! This is great news for savvy customers who would like to be able to take advantage of some of the great offers from Chase again, if they have not received the bonus in a while.

Here is the “special” language that has been added to many cards:

This new cardmember bonus offer is not available to either (i) current cardmembers of this consumer credit card, or (ii) previous cardmembers of this consumer credit card who received a new cardmember bonus for this consumer credit card within the last 24 months.

The important parts about that language is that you can get a bonus again on the cards below, but you must cancel the card if you currently have it and be sure that the last time you receive the bonus was over 2 years ago. The language does not mean that it must have been 24 months since you held the card. As long as you do not have the card when you apply, you should be fine!

Churnable Chase Card

The wonderful language that has been added!

Here is the list of Chase cards that have added that language to their details.

  • Chase Freedom – 10,000 points 
  • Chase Sapphire Preferred – 40,000 points
  • Chase Ink Plus – 50,000 points (70,000 if you go into a branch) 
  • Chase Marriott – 70,000 points (see this post to learn how to get a referral)
  • Chase IHG – 60,000 points (I did not find the language prohibiting or allowing it in the 80K offer)
  • Chase United Explorer – 30,000 miles (but you may get 50,000 miles in branch)
  • Chase United Business – 30,000 miles (but you may get 50,000 miles in branch)
  • Chase Southwest Premier – 25,000 points (but you can receive 50,000 by referral – here) 
  • Chase Southwest Plus – 25,000 points (but you can receive 50,000 by referral – here) 
  • Chase Southwest Business Premier – 25,000 points (but it goes up to 50,000 quite often) 
  • Chase Southwest Business Plus – 25,000 points (but it goes up to 50,000 quite often) 

Changing Terms

That is just about every card in the Chase stable! The most obvious ones missing are cards like the Hyatt card and the Fairmont card. These cards have the unique bonus of giving free nights instead of points, so that may have something to do with it (nights are not vulnerable to program devaluations). The one main card that offers points and does not have this language is the British Airways Visa. I am not sure why that would be.

I know that some people have had success receiving repeat bonuses on these cards all along, but the terms always stated that bonuses would not be given to previous customers (who had received the bonus). By adding this language, it allows everyone to apply for these cards again and be standing on Chase’s own terms for the payout of these bonuses.

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  • Great info.. thanks so much.

    If you had a Master Card version of a card and now a Vsa version is available… can you get the newer version without waiting the 2 years?

    • That qualifies as a different product, so you should be fine. Many people have had success doing just that (most of the reports coming from the Sapphire Preferred and Ink cards).

  • Very good information.
    How is 2 years calculated?
    Exact date (month) the points hit your account?

  • I successfully received the companion pass for both my wife and I to help us travel for a family of 4 in Jan/Feb 2013. We used credit cards (personal+business) for the Personal Plus and Business Plus. The passes will expire the end of 2014. Is it possible to apply for the Premiere Plus and Business Plus by the end of this year (with available 50k+ bonuses) with intent on getting the bonuses again in early 2015 to get a new CP thru 2016? Or is that possible that RR will give the bonus that soon again? Any evidence one way or the other on this type of prior success? Thank you.

    • If you wait until the same time (+ 2 years)that you had the points (from the sign-up bonus, not spending the extra) in 2013, you could do it with the same cards again!
      I know that Chase had changed the language on their SW cards last year to state something to the effect that you could only get one personal and one business (but not very clearly). With these new terms, however, I did not notice any such thing. Absolutely, you can get the pass again, for sure in February (or 2 years since you received the bonus). Just make sure that, if you go for the same cards, you cancel your current ones first!

      • What if I apply for the Southwest Personal Premier and Business Premier? That’s technically different than the Plus that I previously got, correct? So in theory, I could dip in under 2 years or perhaps the 2 year rule does not apply because it’s premier. Is that thinking right? I’m just making sure before applying as I don’t want to make the mistake.

        • They are different, but Chase had inserted some language in the terms in the last few months that precluded you from getting one if you had received the other. I do not see it in the terms anymore, so your plan should be just fine.

  • Good post. I wonder why UA cards always seem to offer such weak signup bonuses when you compare them to other airlines. Seems odd at only 30k usually.

    • I know. Actually, the United cards are a little hard to even find on the Chase site – they only list the Club card. Kind of like the cards they have to hang on to but don’t really care to market.

  • Due to an unusually extreme situation, I didn’t meet my Chase IHG credit card signup bonus. Now I have this card of which I got no extra sign up points. My question is, can I cancel this card right away basically and just reapply since I never got my bonus?
    If yes, how long do you recommend before I re-apply for this card?

    Thank you in advance for any insight

    • Wow, that’s a tough situation. The problem is that the terms of the bonus is for first time cardholders. Of course, they could make an exception since you have never had the bonus before, but they will look at whether you signed up for the bonus.
      I would call them and explain the situation to them and that this card does you no good without those bonus points. They may send a retention offer your way to keep you or give you a short extension (which they normally don’t do). Either way, you will have to talk with someone, whether you do it that way or try to apply in the next year, since the system already has the application in it.