Check Out the Happiest Flyers in the US – By Hometown, Airport, and Generation

happiest flyers in the US
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Who are the happiest flyers in the US? New data shows the top cities and airports for travelers that are quite happy with their travels.

Travel can have a varied impact on people. It can make some people really happy, but that is probably a minority compared to how many people become unhappy and stressed when traveling. If you ever wonder why some people seem happier than others, maybe this data from TripIt could shed some light on it for you!

Check Out the Happiest Flyers in the US!

In Short:

This TripIt data shows a couple of things at the basic level, according to their review of the ratings from travelers:

  • The happiest travelers live in sun-filled cities across the nation from Hawaii to Arizona to New Mexico to Florida
  • Good things come in smaller packages: Alternate airports dominate the list of top departing and arrival airports.

TripIt examined the ratings from more than 575,000 flights and found that where travelers are from, which airports they visit, and their generation, had an impact on how happy they were with their flights.

All of the text below and info is from TripIt.

Travelers with Regular Access to Vitamin D Have the Best Flights

Travelers living in Honolulu topped the charts as the happiest flyers in the nation, followed by Phoenix, another sun-filled city. However, those from the southern cities of Nashville, Tampa, Baltimore and Orlando also held strong capturing four of the top 10 slots.

happiest flyers in the US

Source: TripIt

Don’t Go Big to Go Home: Alternate Airports Put Travelers in a Better Mood

The majority of travelers that arrived and departed from airports that are not the city’s largest airport hub tended to rate their flights higher. Travelers arriving at the Windy City’s Midway International Airport and departing from the Lone Star State’s Dallas Love Field Airport reported being the happiest overall.

In addition, seven of these alternate options appear on both the departure and arrival lists, showing that they have a consistently positive impact on the mood of travelers.

happiest flyers in the US

Source: TripIt

Millennials are Happier Flyers than Xennials

happiest flyers in the US

Source: TripIt

For Further Information
An expanded list of the top 25 cities and airports with the happiest flyers is available on the
TripIt blog: Here

TripIt’s flight rating data was also used by the Airline Passenger Experience Association (APEX), a non-profit organization that advocates for a better in-flight experience for travelers. APEX used the data to determine the Official Airline Ratings™ For more information about the airlines
that took home top honors, visit: https://apex.aero/ratings2018/winners

Methodology: To determine the happiest travelers, TripIt looked at how travelers rated their flights. TripIt analyzed more than 575,000 flight ratings submitted in 2016 and 2017. Hometowns and airports with less than 1,000 ratings were omitted from the analysis. Regions were defined by those recognized by the U.S. Census. TripIt defined generations as follows: Millennials (1983-1999); Xennials (1977-1983); Generation X (1965-1976); and Baby Boomers (1946-1964).

What are your thoughts on this data? If you live in the top 10 cities, would you agree with the analysis?

Featured image courtesy of TripIt

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