Check Your Amex Offers – Targeted Amex Offers Are Expanding

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Written by Charlie

Amex Offers are an incredible way to get cash back and earn bonus points and some of the best of these are targeted offers. Take a quick minute to check for these offers being expanded.

This is something I have been noticing over the last couple of weeks so you should definitely be checking your Amex Offers more often!

Check Your Amex Offers – Targeted Amex Offers Are Expanding

While many people do not like targeted Amex Offers (unless they are targeted!), I think they are actually a good thing. And, Amex has been pretty good about getting these offers expanded lately so it is worth checking them more often.

Targeted Amex Offers Are Normally The Really Good Ones

When a targeted Amex Offer appears, it is normally something that offers a tremendous value to the one who receives it. For example, a Delta offer came out earlier this year that was for (I think) something like $60 or $100 back on a $300 purchase! Not bad at all!

Amex is able to offer such offers because they do it on a targeted basis. So, while I do not get them all, I am happy for targeted Amex Offers since they enable those offers to have quite a lot of value. If the company that is working with Amex on a particular offer has a budget to give back X amount of money, I would rather get an occasional offer myself for something like $35 or $40 off $100 for a retailer/vendor that I can really use than a $10 off $100 if it was opened up to everyone.

Targeted Offers Are Expanding

I have noticed and been told by many readers that some of the good offers that came out over the last couple of weeks are beginning to pop up in their accounts now. In fact, some people that have had the offers on some cards are now seeing the offers expand to their other cards as well.

Just in the last 2 weeks, I have heard about 7 or 8 different targeted offers that were not available to people on day one and had been rolled out in the last couple of weeks. Definitely a good time to take a quick minute or two to check your Amex account for some of these offers!

What Should You Do?

I (and other bloggers) post many of the good Amex Offers that roll out when we see them in our accounts. Sometimes, you may see some blogger post about an offer and then see another offer post about it two or three weeks later. This is due to this roll out of expanded offers (most of the time).

When you see a great offer that is targeted and you do not see it in your account, make sure you keep checking every couple of days in your account. Some of these offers may roll out on a limited basis and then expand if they are not saved to enough cards in the first few days.

Use the Amex App

Another thing to do is to check your Amex app. They used to have some different offers on the app than the website but I have not noticed that in a while. What I have noticed is that some offers have expanded first to my app before I see them on the desktop version.

Since most of us have our phones near us more often than computers, just take a quick moment in the morning around 7am ET to check the app for new, targeted offers.

Another nice thing about the app is that you can see when a particular offer was first offered. This can help with some offers to get a sense of how long it took since the offer was originally offered before it was finally targeted to you.


Amex Offers are an incredible way to earn bonus points and get cash back. In fact, I get my annual fee back on many of our Amex cards each year with just spending I would have done anyway! Targeted Amex Offers are among the best so it is good to see they are rolling out more now.

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