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Buy American Airline Gift Cards With Up To 16.5% In [Targeted] Credit, Points, and Cashback

eBay Bucks
Written by Charlie

Today only, there is an opportunity for those who received the 5X eBay Bucks offer to get a potential 16.5% in points, credit, and cashback on American Airline gift cards. That translates to 16.5 % savings on actual American Airline tickets, which is pretty great!

eBay Link For American Airline Cards (make sure you use TopCashBack to actually go to eBay to purchase these!)

Earn Up To 16.5% In Cash Back, Points, and [Targeted] Credit On AA Gift Cards

5X eBay Bucks Offer

eBay Bucks

This deal only starts if you were targeted yesterday for the 5X eBay Bucks offer. The normal offer is 2% of the eBay purchase price going to eBay Bucks. eBay Bucks is a program that pays out every 3 months in credit towards eBay purchases for the following 3 months. With the 5X offer, that is 10% back on spending to spend during the next period. For us, that begins April 3 (not sure if everyone is on the same cycle or not) so I will get my eBay money in just about a week to spend on new items – including gift cards!

To find the offer, if you were targeted, search your e-mail for earn 5X eBay Bucks. You will need to activate it (the activation link is in the e-mail) before you can take advantage of it. You can be assured that is activated and ready to go if you see the 10% amount of eBay Bucks during the checkout period (you have actually not paid or committed to the item yet).

The offer ends at 11:59PM PT tonight. You can earn up to $100 in eBay Bucks (a $1,000 purchase) with up to $500 in eBay Bucks over the promo period.

Using Chase Ink Card

eBay Bucks

For some reason, gift cards purchased from this particular seller (PayPal Digital Gifts) and GiftCardMall are in the 5X category for the Chase Ink cards. FrequentMiler first wrote about this earlier this year. This has been my experience as well. I am not sure if they will change this at some point, but for now anyway, it is a nice perk on spending on eBay.

So, you will checkout with PayPal like always and use your Chase Ink card to earn the 5X Ultimate Reward points.

TopCashBack To Earn 1.5% Cash Back

Finally, which is actually the first step, start your eBay purchase through TopCashBack to earn 1.5% cash back on your eBay purchases. If you do not have a TopCashBack account, you could sign-up using my link here and I will get $10 credit.

I already have my cash back showing in account from the purchase yesterday!


You can buy a lot of American Airline gift cards for future travel and save up to 16.5% in cash back, points, and eBay Bucks. With the eBay Bucks, you could actually buy new American Airline gift cards next month with them so you could get even more AA cards. With the Ultimate Reward points, that will help you to stretch your travel as well.

Finally, who can complain with cash back? If this deal looks like it would work for you, it could be a great way to snag some serious savings on your American Airlines travel. Of course, if you do not have the 5X eBay Bucks offer, then there is no rush for you at this time. Without that, you will only be getting 6.5% in cash back and Ultimate Reward points.

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