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Brand New 2020 MacBook Air and 2020 iPad Pros on Sale Already!

Written by Charlie

The brand new 2020 MacBook Air and 2020 iPad Pros were just announced – and now they are already on sale! These are nice upgrades at better prices now!

Just last week, Apple released their first major devices of 2020 with simple press releases – the 2020 MacBook Air and the 2020 iPad Pros. Both of these made some improvements in the initial configurations and now you can get them on sale already!

Brand New 2020 MacBook Air and 2020 iPad Pros on Sale

2020 MacBook Air On Sale

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The biggest improvements for the 2020 MacBook Air were the inclusion of quad core processors of the 10th generation from Intel. These offer increased performance and bring an updated onboard graphics processor to them as well.

The best part about the base model is that they have doubled the storage space (now 256GB) since 128GB was just ridiculous for any machine that offers a full operating system. But, they also dropped the price at retail by $100 to bring it under the magical $1,000 mark – $999.

The base model is available now before they are even shipped and only at Amazon – for $949. While $50 off isn’t earth shattering, it is a big deal on a brand new MacBook. Finally, the MacBook Air can actually be used for more than just web-based activity.

2020 iPad Pro on Sale

I have an 11″ 2018 iPad Pro and use it every single day. It is also my main travel “computer.” It is very powerful for many tasks, including creative stuff like video and photo editing. The 2020 iPad Pro makes an incremental processor improvement and graphics processor improvement.

More importantly, the base model now comes with 128GB instead of 64GB. Also, it comes with a new camera bundle that includes LIDAR sensor. This allows for improvements with AR-based apps. This isn’t something many of us may use now but that could change in the coming year.

Why buy this 2020 iPad Pro instead of the 2018 iPad Pro? Well, for starters, the older iPad Pro have been in short supply as new models lately and now the new iPad Pro replaces the older one with the same intro price and cheaper prices for the higher storage units.

Strangely, only a few models are available with the $50 discount. Here they are:

The real beauty of the new announcements of the iPad Pro are more about the Smart Keyboard coming in May. It is expensive ($299 for 11″ and $349 for 12.9″) but offers a much improved mounting solution for using your iPad (more flexibility) and an actual trackpad which is supported in the latest iOS update.

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