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Book Now! Southwest Schedule Extended More into 2023 [Winter Break Open]

Written by Charlie

The Southwest schedule for 2023 has just been extended even further! Book now to look in dates for winter breaks and more!

Unlike the other airlines that do a rolling schedule extension (every day that passes opens another day of schedules), Southwest operates on a different schedule extension. For them, they open it up in blocks and one of the most popular schedule extensions of the year has just been made!

Southwest Schedule Extended Until March 8, 2023

Link: Southwest

Why Book Now?

There are actually a few reasons why you want to book now – even if the prices are not as low as you may want them to be yet.

With people taking to the skies more and some schedules still not as robust as they used to be, this almost guarantees much higher fares for peak travel timesl. It is best to take advantage of the early bird opportunity to lock in the price now.

Another reason is that the dates right around the holidays like those around/near winter breaks almost never go on sale. This means that when the schedule is released is often as cheap as it gets. So, better to book now which is also affected by the next reason…

… You can cancel at any time and get a full points refund or get a travel credit for the full amount paid with cash. This means you can always rebook later if the price drops or cancel the trip altogether and it won’t cost you anything to do that. This way, you at least have a ticket if you decide to go.

The New Southwest Schedule Extension

The new Southwest schedule extension is through March 8, 2023. This extends two full months past the old schedule and opens up all the winter break time off.

You can book the new schedule as of right now!

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