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Big News! European Union to Open to American Tourists Again!

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Written by Charlie

It has been more than a year but the European Union is set to open to the American tourist yet again very soon. Find out what the “safe list” means for Americans.

The European Union, as a body, has been closed to the American tourist since March of 2020 due to covid-19. Now, in June of 2021, the European Union has said that they are putting the US on the “safe list” of countries that are allowed entry again into the European Union.

European Union Opening to Americans

Quick Look – European Union

When it comes to the region of Europe, it can be a little confusing. There is the continent of Europe, the European Union (which has as its members 27 different European nations), the Schengen Zone (which is the area that allows entry at all entry points as a single border entity), and the Eurozone (19 nations in the European Union that use the Euro as currency). Also, it should be noted, recommendations from the European Commission are made with input from all member nations of the European Union but each individual country still has its right to make decisions about entry.

What the US Being Put on “Safe List” Means

In the coming days, the 27 countries in the European Union are expected to allow the American tourists entry into those countries yet again. Already, some countries, like Greece, have opened their doors to Americans but now it will apply for all 27 member nations.

This means that non-essential travel from the US to Europe will be allowed. The US is being added to the list along with Albania, Lebanon, North Macedonia, Serbia, and Taiwan. Hong Kong and Macau will also be included with no requirement for reciprocity.

These countries join Australia, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, Rwanda, Singapore, South Korea, and Thailand as countries which have the freedom to travel to the EU.

What About Covid Requirements?

However, each member nation is still free to impose any covid-19 requirements they feel necessary. These can be things like requiring a negative Covid-19 test or requiring time in quarantine. If Greece is used as a model, this is what could be used:

  • Requirement to have a Covid-19 vaccine – fully dosed and more than 14 days since the final dose
  • Negative PCR test within 72 hours of arrival (most likely, other countries would not use it the same but something more like before the flight, etc)
  • Proof of having had Covid-19 in the previous 2-9 months in the form of a positive Covid test and proof of recovery

For children, it could be that under 12 years of age, no test would be required (if they follow the same rules as the digital Covid certificate) and minors would not be required to quarantine if the parents traveling with them are vaccinated and exempt from quarantine.

Bottom Line

In the next week, the plans should be clearly laid out for Americans to visit Europe. If American tourists want to experience European cities in the summer season with few tourists, the coming weeks could be the time to jump on that! There are already tourists starting to move around the continent but it will still be a while before Americans are pouring into Europe.

This safe list, as has been the case for a year, is reviewed every two weeks. So, the US could be pulled from the list if the threshold of 75 cases per 100,000 people is crossed. I do not think it is highly likely this will happen but we shall see!

Now it’s America’s move – will they open to European visitors?

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