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Best Price on the New GoPro HERO6 Camera – $100 Off!

Written by Charlie

If you want the best price on the new GoPro HERO6, this is the day for you! You can get this great new camera with a $100 discount and up your videos!

I have been a fan (and user) of GoPro cameras for many years. The latest one I currently have is the GoPro HERO4 Black (with an older GoPro Session) and had been excited when the new GoPro HERO6 came out as it introduced some nice new frame rates (like 4K at 60FPS for smoother action videos and nice, quality slow motion as well as 1080P at 240 FPS for great slow motion footage!) and a new, in-house-built processor to handle these higher frame rates.

Best Price on the New GoPro HERO6 Camera

gopro hero6

Link: GoPro HERO6 Camera

It was introduced a couple/few months ago and it was really important for GoPro that this model did well since they have had issues over the last couple of years in their revenue department. By many, the new HERO6 was praised as an excellent model with some great features and a price of $499 to match.

Better Than With a Sponsorship Code!

I was actually checking out the new GoPro camera since I recently was offered a discount code for their sponsorship program (nothing like the old days where just sending an e-mail about an event could often get like a 40% off code!). The GoPro HERO5 was something I was checking out since it brought the price down quite a bit and would work well with what I had planned for 2018.

Great New Features!

However, it appears Amazon recently (within the last day or two based on my searches) dropped the price a full $100 to $399! That is a really great price on this excellent new adventure camera. If you want something for your sports or travel, this could be a nice camera to drop in your bag or pocket for on the go. With better stabilization, this can work much better for those sport activities! Also, it no longer needs a housing to take it underwater!

Also, it was reported that dynamic range and low-light performance has greatly improved on the GoPro HERO6 as well so that can really expand its usefulness!

I am not sure if I will make the move on this but I do know that this is a better price than someone who has one of the little sponsorship agreements could get! If only GoPro would match the price! 🙂

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