Bad News for Stacking Deals with eBags and Gift Cards

Written by Charlie

If you like to save big by stacking deals with eBags, this latest enforcement with gift cards and their use may limit you. But, all hope is not lost!

I have written about many stacking deals involving eBags. Not only was it a great way to get things like Bose headphones on the cheap, but it is also a great source for deals with luggage and other travel items. Thanks to generous portal payouts and Amex Offers that keep popping up, it has been very easy to get over 50% off travel gear. But, that is going to be a bit more difficult now.

Bad News for Stacking Deals with eBags and Gift Cards

In the past, a nice way to save even more was to buy eBags gift cards with Amex cards (with saved Amex Offers tied to those cards) and then combine them to get great discounts. In the past, you could do this via chat or over the phone (I even had success a couple of times doing it online for some reason).

However, they have updated their terms to state that “eGift Cards and Printable Gift Cards cannot be combined in any manner on a single order.

Nick at Frequent Miler reported that they tried this via chat and were told that this is being enforced.

How To Work With This

This can still work if you purchase a single gift card with an Amex card and then pay the remainder with another Amex card to help trigger the second Amex Offer.

With eBags offers via Amex Offers sometimes around the $75 mark, that means that the sweet spot would be for a $150 order. That would allow you to use one gift card (bought using an Amex card) and then use another Amex card for the rest.

Unless you are buying some expensive gear, this should continue to work just fine. But, if you are used to stacking for big deals, be aware that multiple gift cards can no longer be stacked.

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