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Awesome Deal on Amazon Echo Buds with Noise Reduction and 3 Months of Audible for $89!

Written by Charlie

The new Amazon Echo Buds with Alexa and noise reduction are having a big sale – now down to $89! Plus, get 3 months of Audible as well!

Earbuds are all the rage lately as all the regular manufacturers update their earbuds and release new ones. There are even new players in the earbud game and that includes Amazon. If you have ever used Amazon gear, you know that it is pretty well made and has special Amazon features. Check out the Amazon Echo Buds deal!

Amazon Echo Buds on Sale for $89

Link: Amazon Echo Buds for $89 This is an affiliate link that supports the site – thanks for the support!

Getting the Deal

These are regularly $129 but you can now get them for just $89 for a limited-time! They also come with 3 free months of Audible – a $14.99 value per month!

The Amazon Echo Buds

I am working on a mega-post/review video on 5 of the most popular earbuds for running and also some travel. This includes the Alexa Buds so make sure you check for that later! For now, I will share my experiences and thoughts on these.

Amazon released their first earbuds this past fall and they are a pretty great first offering! Not only that, but they include active noise reduction by Bose. I have tried these on runs and on airplanes and while they are not noise cancelling headphones (or even noise cancelling earbuds), they worked very well!

Noise Reduction and Tech

It uses Bose’s noise reduction technology to drop the amount of outside noise that can be heard which combines with the physical seal that the earbuds make with the ear. The result is that it definitely drops down things like engine noise while you will still hear things like conservation and babies crying.

It also has passthrough technology which is great if you need to hear what is going on around you. That is activated with just a press on the earbud.

Amazon sells it as a gateway to the Alexa digital assistant. I have not used it too much for that since I typically do not use the digital assistants through earbuds. However, the few times I have used it, it worked pretty well. There were a couple of times it did not pick up or do it the right way but overall, not bad. While Alexa is handsfree, you can also setup Siri or Google Assistant with a button press.

These are IPX4 rating which says that they are resistant against splashing and this is a typical rating for earbuds designed for fitness workouts. This means you should be go to go against rain and sweat.

As for battery, they work up to 5 hours per charge and a 15 minute charge in the case with let them go another 2 hours. Finally, the case gives up to 20 hours worth of charges. You can use either earbud as well so that can be a big help if you need more battery time in a day.

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