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Another Way to Earn Points for the Southwest Companion Pass – Without Flying or Spending!

Written by Charlie

Here is another way to get the points you need for the Southwest Companion Pass – without flying, transferring, or spending!

One of the best airline benefits available is the Southwest Companion Pass. There are many ways to accrue the 110,000 points necessary to earn the Southwest Companion Pass – without even needing to flying on Southwest flights! Here is another way to earn the points necessary.

One More Way to Earn Points for the Southwest Companion Pass – Without Flying or Spending

Southwest Companion Pass

Points earned toward the Southwest Companion Pass from card referrals

The fastest way to get to the Southwest Companion Pass is by applying for Southwest credit cards and earning the bonuses. The best time to get these bonuses is by applying for the bonuses when they are at the 50,000 point level on each card. By doing this and meeting the minimum spending ($2,000 per bonus), it puts you just 6,000 points away from the Southwest Companion Pass. Here is another way to earn points.

Another Way To Earn Points – The Referral Offer

Southwest Companion Pass

Start getting referrals to add points in your chase for the Southwest Companion Pass

This may be common knowledge to some (maybe many?) of you but it is news to me when I had logged into one of our Southwest accounts the other day. I found that the referral bonuses (5,000 points per successful application – thank you very much!) had finally posted to the account and that they were treated as qualifying points for the Southwest Companion Pass!

This adds referral bonuses as just another way to get to the Companion Pass. With the Chase 5/24 rule currently enforced, many of us are locked out of applying for many new Chase cards. That means the Southwest Companion Pass is off limits to us by getting the bonuses. There are many other ways to get those points (see this Frequent Miler post) but this is another nice way to get the points you need.

No Spending and No Flying

First of all, you do not need to do any spending at all to get referral bonuses. You will earn 5,000 points for every application that is approved using your referral link. You can get up to 50,000 points per year through a referral link.

Refer a Friend

You will receive 5,000 bonus points for each friend you refer through this Refer A Friend offer (up to 10), who gets and uses the card. Maximum bonus point accumulation for this offer is 50,000 bonus points (per calendar year). But, you can get that on each card! That means you could get 10 friends or family members to get both cards and you will be able to get 100,000 points just from that! Yes, that is a lot of people, but it is nice to know where you could go with it!


The Southwest Companion Pass is definitely a valuable airline tool. Here is just one more way to get the points you need to make it a reality. For more information about the Southwest Companion Pass, check out this post. To get a card or to leave your referral links, visit this post here.

Plus, you can actually use all those points for actual travel as well! Win-win!

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