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Another Date Comes Out With US Airways Partners

I wrote last week about Aegean Airlines no longer crediting US Airway fares as elite miles after March 30th (the day US Airways leaves the Star Alliance). US Airways had mentioned that they will be retaining partnerships with a number of Star Alliance airlines – a partnership that can be used for mileage earning and mileage redemption.

The one thing we have not seen a lot of as been a mention of dates when those partnerships will end. Without a doubt, those partnerships are temporary. It is more than likely to allow the system to have a smoother transition. By this I mean that many airlines have had award tickets ticketed through US Airways mileage program. There may be changes down the road to schedules that may cause people to want to change their ticket. Being able to change the international component of those tickets and keep them with the same carrier is a huge benefit.

For example, South African Airways is one of those airlines who are staying as partners with US Airways for a while – if you have an award ticket booked through US Airways on South African and need to make a change, making the change after March 30th would cause you to choose a Oneworld partner (like British Airways) that would force you to route through Europe instead of allowing you to retain the ease of a US departure direct to South Africa. Hence, the partnership remains for a while. I’m sure there are many other reasons, but this seems to be the most consumer friendly component of retaining the partnership for a while.

US Airways partner

Schedule of partnership with between US Airways and Singapore Airlines from Singapore Airlines

But, today another date came out with regards to a US Airways partner. Singapore Airlines sent out an e-mail detailing the length of time that mileage accrual and redemption from Singapore with US Airways. The date mentioned is July 31, 2014 as the last day for accrual of Singapore miles from US Airways and redemption on US Airways with Singapore miles. Awards booked before that date will be honored or re-accommodated by US Airways for a period of 360 days (if the flight takes place on/after August 1, 2014). While this is concerning the Singapore Airlines side, I would imagine it would be the same from the US Airways side as well. Could this be the date that all the partnerships will end? Chances are we will see more announcements on this subject in the next couple of weeks.

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