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An Airplane Part Fell From the Sky and Just Missed Hitting Someone

Written by Charlie

This is likely a nightmare for many and yesterday, it became reality. An airplane part fell from the sky and almost hit someone.

Imagine walking along on a route you have covered many times – and all of a sudden, some metal piece that weighs 6-7 pounds falls from the sky and just misses hitting you.

Airplane Part Fell from the Sky,  Just Missed Hitting Someone

This happened yesterday, August 15, near the Maine Capitol building. The person that it missed by about 6 feet was a Capitol Police screener, Craig Donahue.

Large object falls to ground next to Maine State Capitol.

All aircraft flying over that area where notified. But, it is an area that has international flights overhead often. If it came off such a plane, it could have fallen from tens of thousands of feet in the air. All aircraft that had been in the air at the time did safely land and the FAA is looking into which airplane it may have fallen from.

Apparently, the FAA believes it to be the metal sleeve from the wing flap of such an aircraft. However, a Paul Cote from Twin City Aero Supply, which provides aircraft parts, told the Central Maine newspaper that “I’m having a hard time believing that it is even an aircraft part. Most aircraft parts are made of aluminium and do not look that worn out.”

For sure, this will be investigate to find out exactly where it did come from. For now, I’m sure Officer Donahue is walking quite carefully and now I will probably be randomly looking up in the sky as well!


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