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American Express Platinum Concierge

I am the type of person that likes to handle things on his own. I like to figure things out on my own, I like to take satisfaction that I have worked out something all on my own. So, though I have had access to the American Express Platinum Concierge  for a few years, as well as other credit card concierges, I had never used it before. A situation came up that made me appreciate it a bit and see some of the value that exists with something like this.

American Express Platinum Concierge

Credit card issuers have several of their higher tier cards that provide concierge services to their customers. The American Express Platinum cards have reputation for having one of the best concierge offerings. They offer help with the following services:

  • Making dinner reservations (including at filled restaurants) as well as getting some different perks at restaurants
  • Getting event tickets, including to sold-out events
  • Making travel arrangements
  • Personal shopping experiences
  • Shopping for gifts
  • Taking care of your home with supplies, services, etc.
  • Making arrangements for special occasions
  • Other different requests

For each of those services, they can handle very special requests and it is all free (except for purchases they make on your behalf). For example, you call and give them some ideas of what your family member might like for a birthday and they can find it for you and purchase it using your card as well as having it delivered.

My Experiences

My wife and I were going out to a restaurant for Valentine’s Day. We had gift cards for a chain restaurant that we really like and that does not take reservations during the week. I should have known that they would take reservations for a holiday like this. We were on our way to take care of some errands and I decided to call and see if they would take a reservation. It turns out, they were totally full until 9PM. That was a big disappointment and I wasn’t sure what we would do, so I decided to call the American Express Platinum Concierge to see if they could help me.

Since it was my first call to the concierge, they took a few minutes to setup my profile with them. After that, I asked them if they could help me with that reservation. They asked me to hold while they “reached out the restaurant” on my behalf. After waiting a couple of minutes, they came back and said they were full the whole night but they could take me in 30 minutes. I said that would be perfect! We headed over and gave our names. The manager met us and we were shown to our table right in the front near the windows. It was a great table in a crowded restaurant! Thank you, American Express!

I have a few things coming up that I will try them out with again. It was nice to be able to take care of something like this and have it done so nicely. I am looking forward to what they do with my harder requests. Anyway, if you have a card that provides concierge services, try it sometime. It is a service of the card and one that you should not feel badly using.


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