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Amazon Prime Takes To The Skies – With JetBlue, Not Drones

Written by Charlie

Amazon has really done an amazing job of being relevant in all aspects of life. They have their Prime service which had started as a two-day shipping service for its members and has grown to be a multimedia powerhouse as well as offering so much more. If you follow Amazon much, you know that founder Jeff Bezos has this intense desire to use drones for delivery of products in certain markets at some point. However, in the meantime, Amazon will take to the skies with its Prime service aboard JetBlue. 🙂

Courtesy Shutterstock / Chris Parypa Photography

Amazon Prime Taking To the Skies With JetBlue / Courtesy Shutterstock / Chris Parypa Photography

Amazon Prime Takes To The Skies

Announced yesterday, this new partnership will occur later this year that will introduce Amazon’s vast multimedia library aboard JetBlue’s aircraft via their Fly-Fi service. This service will enable you to access Amazon’s content from your device without needing to download any special software (like you do on Southwest for video content). This new multimedia in the skies venture will enable Amazon Prime members to access this content at no charge while non-Prime customers will be able to purchase content while in the air. In addition, TrueBlue points will be earned when purchasing certain items on Amazon as well (in certain categories).

I have to say, while reading the Skymall magazine had always given me entertainment, it is really nice to know that Amazon’s entire marketplace will be available to JetBlue passengers for any shopping whims that hit mid-flight!

Getting Amazon Prime For Less

– Amazon Fire Phone w/Prime

amazon fire phone

Amazon Prime costs $99 per year. There is a way to get it cheaper but it will take a little bit of work. This week, Amazon is running another sale on their Fire phone. This sale puts the smartphone at $189 and includes one year of Amazon Prime. This phone is extremely easy to resell with prices on Amazon often coming close to the $189 price itself. At any rate, you can purchase the phone and resell it with only needing to put out up to half of the $99 Prime membership when the sale is all said and done (counting fees and shipping of the phone). Not a bad deal!

Disclaimer: If you purchase the Fire phone using the link above, I will receive a small commission. Thank you for your support!

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