Airbnb Review: Rome

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Our last destination in Italy was Rome, which was a stunning city. This is my review of my Airbnb stay.

Our last and final destination on our Italy trip was Rome.  Definitely a place you should visit, it was amazing to see structures still standing built thousands of years ago! As with my other destinations in Italy this is my Airbnb Review of Rome.

Airbnb Review: Rome

Airbnb Link: Rome 


As with my previous Airbnb bookings on this trip, I was able to earn 3x Skymiles for each dollar I spent on my Airbnb.

Our 3 night stay in Rome, our total cost was $471, which I paid for by redeeming cash back.  I earned 1,413 Skymiles for this stay, thanks to the triple mile promotion.

For my entire trip, I earned 3,162 Skymiles from Airbnb. That is almost half of what I need to fly to New York from Bangor.

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I had been in contact with our host a few days before our arrival and we had agreed on a check in time. When we arrived, we had taken a Uber from the train station to our Airbnb.

The person our host sent to meet us was stuck in traffic for a little extra time. The traffic there was quite busy, but it seemed like an art form to zip around the roads there.

The key exchange was a little later than we discussed, but it wasn’t a big deal as the host was on constant contact with updates. Once the host arrived we went to the top floor (see the trend I have in picking Airbnb?) and gave us a quick tour of the apartment.


The location of our Airbnb was perfect. It was about a 25 minute walk to the Colosseum, about 20 minutes to the Roman Forum, 10 minutes to the Vatican City. The Pantheon was only 5 minutes from where we stayed.

Near our Airbnb were many shops and restaurants, the prices weren’t as expensive as I thought they would be. Although you could easily find expensive restaurants, if you wanted too. I’d still ask if there is a charge just to sit down, because not all places have it listed.

There were some really good gelato and bakeries near by as well. The streets weren’t overly crowded, but walking definitely seemed faster than trying to take a taxi or Uber.

This was a pretty central location for many sights and activities. It was about a 35 minute ride to the airport, which it was cheaper to take the taxi than calling an Uber.

The Apartment:

The Kitchen:

The kitchen was not very large, but it had enough space for us. We ate very few meals in the Airbnb, but we did make coffee each morning.

Above the stove there was a magnetic flashlight instead of an actual light. It wasn’t an actual issue, but I thought it looked out of place.

There were plenty of plates, espresso cups, and silverware for our needs. The water was quite hot when turned on, which is always a good thing.

I found it very convenient that the host left a converter, so we could charge our devices.

The Living room:

The living room was also our second bedroom and it was pretty much used only for sleeping. We didn’t convert it back to the couch for our stay. The bed was very comfortable, it wasn’t a thin mattress where you are sore the next morning beds.

There was a table next to the couch with an assortment of tea in a box.

On the little table in the back corner, there were pamphlets of information in the area with business cards. They were either tours or local business cards.

The outlet we used for charging our phones and devices was located by the table with the lamp on it. There weren’t many outlets, but we were able to make it work. Our converter had multiple USB ports and we used each slot available to us.

The Bathroom:

This was by far the biggest red mark of the whole Airbnb.

I will definitely give it a positive note for not running out of hot water once. Also, the water became extremely hot which I like.

The bathroom door had to be closed at all times. The smell coming from the bathroom was quite bad. We even left the window in the bathroom open and that didn’t help at all.

The shower definitely was the lone positive for an overall negative bathroom. I stand at a whopping 65 inches tall and I had plenty of space. The water pressure was very good which I can always appreciate. It would have made the bathroom even worse had there been poor water pressure.

Out of all 3 bathrooms on  my trip, this was definitely the bottom of the list.

The Bedroom:

This bedroom was a little on the small size, but it was fine for our needs. The bed itself was just one mattress, not two twin beds pushed together. My mother in law and her fiance said the bed was very comfortable.

There was a television in the bedroom, but after busy days of walking and exploring we pretty much fell asleep once our heads hit the pillows

The Balcony:

The balcony itself was very nice. Although it definitely didn’t have as spectacular of a view as we did compared to our other Airbnb’s.

We could see the rooftops of surround buildings, but other than that we couldn’t see the city.


The location for this Airbnb was perfect. It was very easy to get anywhere we wanted.

The kitchen was small, but had all the essentials you would require for your stay.  The beds were comfortable, which is a plus.

The bathroom was a huge negative and would probably prevent me from staying there again. The smell was just too strong and overpowering.

Have you been to Rome? Did you use an Airbnb or hotel?

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