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Aegean Launches Miles+Bonus Memories to Redeem for Experiences

Written by Charlie

The newly launched Aegean Miles+Bonus Memories give members a way to use miles for special experiences. But, it may not be the best use of your valuable Aegean miles.

One of my favorite uses of SPG points had been the wonderful SPG Moments packages. They provided some great value while also offering some packages that were not attainable in any other way (like throwing out a first pitch at Game 7 of a World Series). In their steps came Marriott (now the Bonvoy Moments), Hilton, Hyatt, Wyndham (now dead), and airlines.

Aegean Launches Miles+Bonus Memories to Redeem for Experiences

Link: Aegean Miles+Bonus Memories

Most of the time, it can be a horrible use of points/miles for these experiences (like with the Hyatt offerings at times). In those cases, you are much better off redeeming your points or miles for actual travel over the packages the airlines/hotels make available. But, sometimes, there can be that special something that sounds intriguing or a way to use miles/points that you may have otherwise written off.

Aegean Miles Have Great Value and Can Be Easy to Get

Aegean miles are something that I would never write off, thanks to the ability to use a mere 5,000 for an inter-Greek award or, my personal favorite, 45,000 miles for a business class award between the US and Europe. Thanks to the Together Accounts, elite members can also welcome up to 5 friends and family members to have the miles pooled into one account.

If you don’t have elite status (or you just want more miles), Aegean will let you transfer miles for a flat €15 fee. Oh, and don’t forget that you get 1,000 miles just for signing up and the frequent sales that Aegean runs (the best being a 100% bonus!).

But, If You Want To – Use Aegean Miles for Experiences

However, should something appeal to you and you have Aegean miles just sitting there, Aegean just launched their Miles+Bonus Memories program that offers unique experiences in exchange for your Aegean miles.

They currently have 8 packages up with things like an Airbus flight simulator experience in Frankfurt (at 30,000 miles), a driving experience with a Ferrari, Lamborghini, or Porsche (at 124,000 miles), or some Greek experiences.

I am sure they will add more over time and, hopefully, offer some auction-based experiences as well. It is not unusual for a program to start with fixed price experiences since not that many members may know about them.

Check Real Prices First!

If you are interested in using miles for these events, just make sure you check what the actual cost is. For example, that sport car package (at 124,000 miles) can be purchased right now for €449. I would definitely pay over using miles for that! 124,000 miles is enough for almost 3 one-way transatlantic business class tickets!

Still, I will just hold on to my Aegean miles for flights – unless they go and do something terrible like devalue my favorite routes…

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