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Aegean Giving A Special Prize To 10 Random Athens Marathoners

Written by Charlie

Aegean Airlines is offering up a special prize to 10 random Athens Marathoners this year! Find out what you could win!

The Athens Marathon, which takes place November 8th and is run on the classic marathon course (which is also the same course used for the 2004 Athens Olympics). I really want to run it some day but will not be this year.

Aegean Giving A Special Prize To 10 Random Athens Marathoners


Get a special prize in this drawing!

However, for those runners who are running it, Aegean Airlines has stepped forward with an interesting support prize for 10 random winners. As the official airline of the marathon, “Aegean is offering to bring for 10 lucky runners one of their loved ones to Athens on November 8th to support them at the finish line.”

Aegean Marathon Info Link

Prize Details

Very cool! I love it when airlines get involved in running events and this is a nice gesture. If you are running the marathon, you are able to enter and select a family member that you would like to have waiting for you at the finish line. If you are chosen as 1 of the 10 winners, Aegean will fly that relative to Athens and put them up for 1 or 2 nights in a 4-star hotel. The limitiation is that Aegean will only give the free flights from within their network. Still, they have an extensive regional network so that should work out well for many.

How To Enter

Here are the terms and details:

More specifically, participants in the competition, who must also be participating in the classic Marathon course, are invited to take part by entering their details, first name, last name, e-mail, Number of Participation in the Classic Marathon Course, telephone number, as well as the details of their friend (hereinafter “Beneficiary”), who they want to come and watch the race in person, and specifically first name, last name, e-mail, contact number, closest airport he/she can travel from as well as the reason why they want this specific friend to be there, in order to participate in a draw of ten (10) winners and thirty (30) runners up.  Each person can only participate once.

Visit this site to see all the details. If you are running the Athens Marathon and have a relative you want at the finish, enter this giveaway!

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