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Aegean Flights Only Bookable On Within 186 Days

Written by Charlie

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about a glitch with that was preventing flights on Aegean Airlines (the national carrier of Greece) from being booked with award tickets. Thankfully, they were bookable over the phone but just not able to be booked online. For some reason, flights from September 6 – to the end of the schedule would not display any Aegean flights.

This was a big problem for me since I use Aegean to go pretty much anywhere and I was trying to book a flight during the United award sale. I was able to snag a different flight that will work for me, but I may still change it later.


Bookable Online Again – But Only Up To 186 Days

Fortunately, they have appeared online again at and are again bookable without talking to a United rep! But, they have only been showing as bookable up to 186 days away. I am not sure why that is as I have been tracking it for a few days and the the last day of Aegean availability showing online is only at the 186 day point. When searching for the space on ANA, it shows space through the end of the schedule, so it is definitely something on United’s end.


The United reps I spoke with do not know the reason for this either. I am just thankful that they are able to see it because a similar glitch happened a couple of years ago and the reps were unable to see space either. So, just be sure to look no further than that for now if you need flights on Aegean. To get travel to Greece, that is really the best way unless you come through Austria or Turkey.

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