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Adidas’ 3D-Printed Shoes About to Go On Sale – At A Huge Price!

3d-printed shoes
Written by Charlie

Adidas’ new 3D-printed shoes are about to go on sale for all of us – but at a huge price! Find out about these groundbreaking new shoes!

I really love technology and love how it makes things simpler, more efficient, and (most of the time) cheaper. Well, Adidas is about to open the gates for their 3D-printed shoes that they gave to their athletes for the 2016 Olympics. But, this is not going to be a cheap shoe, yet it will still likely sell out almost immediately.

Adidas’ 3D-Printed Shoes Going on Sale – At A Huge Price

Running shoe manufacturers have gone to great lengths to improve the running shoe. They attack it to make it lighter, still supportive, and environmentally friendly. I have seen such shoes made out of rice husks that have been worn by several elite marathoners – probably not something most people would consider a running shoe material!

Adidas is taking it up a notch by using the 3D-printing process to create their latest shoe – the 3D Runner. They will be made in very limited quantities and available on an even more limited basis. Starting today, reservations can be put in via the Adidas Confirmed app to get your brand new footwear but in only 3 cities – New York, London, and Tokyo. Yes, they will likely go very fast even with the huge price for a running shoe.

3d-printed shoe

From the Adidas Media Photos

About that huge price – these Adidas’ 3D-printed shoes will sell for $333! That is definitely a huge price increase over even high-end running shoes and not something that people might expect from a 3D-printed product. But, this is obviously a test case for Adidas to see how well these sell and what kind of real-life reviews and experiences come from them.

The Future of 3D-Printed Shoes

Eventually, we may be at the point that you could go to your local running store and have your new Adidas running shoes printed for you on the spot. Imagine how that would help control inventory and space! Not only that, but it could be a perfect scenario for the people who have feet that are 1/2 size smaller than the other foot as well as maybe even add some extra cushioning or support. All-in-all, I am looking forward to seeing where this technology heads and just wish I was in one of these cities to grab a pair because I will tell you right now – they will probably be on eBay by Friday for well over $750!

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