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A A380 Square Tire & The Largest Plane in the World Landing [Video]

Written by Charlie

Check out two interesting plane stories that include a square tire on the A380 and the world’s largest plane landing in Australia.

Chalk these up as stories I had seen a couple of weeks ago but never got out! Still, as a bit of an aviation geek, I thought they were truly interesting and something worth sharing!

The A380 and the Square Tire

A couple of weeks ago, a British Airways A380 flying from Hong Kong to London landed at Heathrow with one of its 22 wheels having gone from the regular shape to a square! Read about what the experts say may have caused that here and see the story.

The World’s Largest Plane Coming in for a Landing

world's largest airplane

Comparison photo of the Antonov | Wikicommons: Clem Tillier

I have seen the C-5 Galaxy which is an enormous plane in its own right. I was working the flight line at an airshow when it came in and we had to get iron plates out to the runway because leaving it on the runway for the weekend would have allowed it to actually settle. Pretty incredible plane to see!

But, the e Antonov An-225 is even larger than that. It was originally made as the carrier for the Buran space shuttle (NASA had used a modified Boeing 747 to carry their space shuttle). This thing is huge! I have never seen it person but certainly wouldn’t mind seeing it! This was the first time that this super-jumbo plane had landed in Australia.

Source: ABC

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