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A Great Way To Give Back This Weekend

This weekend is Memorial Day weekend in the US, a time when we memorialize our nation’s service members who have given the “last full measure of devotion” on behalf of the United States of America.

A Great Way To Give Back This Weekend

I know that it is also considered the kick-off of summer holiday travel and activities as well since it stands as a holiday but it is always good to have a reminder of what this day really is – a day of memory that has been set aside to honor the fallen heroes of our military. Take some time this weekend to thank any military people that you know or see for their service and be thankful that we have them around with us still. I know it is a time of remembering those who died, but we are so thankful that many of you that served are still around with us as well.

To those of you readers who have served or currently serve, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your sacrifices over the years. To the family members who have lost loved ones in the service of our nation, I offer a deep, heartfelt thank you to you for your great sacrifice.

A Great Charity To Donate To

Wounded Warrior Project Fundraising Link

So, what is this great way to give back this weekend? Well, I announced last month about my event coming up in September and mentioned in that post that I will be using the event to raise money for a very worthwhile charity, the Wounded Warrior Project.

I was very honored to have Randy Petersen and BoardingArea make the first contribution in this fundraiser and I encourage any of that may be able to give a little something as well.

The Event

Running Round the World With Miles

The event involves me running 6 marathon distances (26.2 miles each) on 6 continents in 4 1/2 days. This will be the second time I have headed out on an event like this but this time will be doing the entire thing on miles and points. As the charity arm of this event, my goal is to raise at least the amount for the Wounded Warrior Project as the tickets would have cost me if I had purchased them – $17,000. It is an ambitious goal but I am sure we can hit it. I will be giving to it throughout the months leading up to and during the event itself so I am financially involved in it as well.

Why This Charity And Fundraiser?

As an asthmatic, I had never been able to join the military as I had to use an inhaler. But, just because I was never able to serve next to our brave soldiers, it does not mean that I cannot do my own small part in helping to demonstrate my appreciation for their sacrifice and service. I have purposely designed to have this event end in our nation’s capitol on the eve of the 14th anniversary of 9/11. That day drove many young men and woman to join the military to do their part and I want to honor that service by raising money to help them. This great charity does a wonderful job in assisting those veterans which is why I chose the Wounded Warrior Project.


It is always an uncomfortable thing to talk about and ask for money. But, please know that this money does not come to me. 100% of the funds that you donate go to the Wounded Warrior Project. I would not ask without giving to it myself which I have and will continue to do in the weeks leading up to the event itself.

I do ask you now to take a moment and consider giving some amount to help this cause – it can be $5 or $500. Any amount would be appreciated. We have saved so much in our travels by miles and points as a community over the years that it would be a good, generous time to give a little back this weekend to help those service members who are still with us. THANK YOU!

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