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A Different Hyatt Card Offer: Earn 1 Free Night at Any Category 1 – 7 and $200 Statement Credit

Written by Charlie

There is a new Hyatt card offer but it will not be for most people. It does offer one free night at any Category 1 – 7 worldwide and $200 so check it out.

The current Hyatt offer is all about points – you can earn a total of 50,000 Hyatt points with the offer (after spending $6,000 total). I am a big fan of the points offers on the Hyatt card because they give a lot of flexibility to the customer (see this post for more).

A Different Hyatt Card Offer: Earn 1 Free Night at any Hyatt and a $200 Statement Credit

Link: Hyatt Card Offer for Credit and Night

But, just because it is an offer that is most pleasing to me, I don’t think that same offer works for everyone! Here is an offer that is the first one I have seen like this from Hyatt. Instead of offering 2 free nights at any Hyatt like in the past, it gives 1 free night at any Hyatt (that means Category 1 – 7 so it leaves out the Category 8 SLH propertiesplus a $200 statement credit.

  • Earn a $200 statement credit after first purchase
  • 1 Free Night at any Category 1 – 7 hotel worldwide after spending $3,000 in the first 3 months
  • $95 annual fee

With the annual fee being charged up front on both offers ($95), this statement credit is like getting that wiped away and an extra $105. For sure, on a nights offer, I would prefer a 2 night offer. But, if you don’t want to do the $6,000 in spending or you have your heart set on a single night at some ultra expensive Hyatt, maybe this offer would work out for you.

But, just remember that with the regular points offer, you would get 50,000 points which is enough for a Category 7 (30,000 points) and it would leave you with an extra 20,000 points. I view 20,000 Hyatt points as being worth much more than just $200 so I would not consider this offer but maybe it would work for some of you out there.

It would seem that this offer has replaced the 2 free night offer that was available through a similar link.

Should You Apply for This Offer?

I would say that this is not the best offer for most people out there. Not only do you use out on the flexility of the points but you are also limiting yourself to a single free night.

This would be who I think this offer would be for:

  • Someone that does not want to pay even the $95 annual fee (because you get the $200 credit after first purchase)
  • Someone that really wanted/needed just a single night at a Category 7
  • Someone that does not want to do an extra $3,000 in spending on the regular offer.

I think it will be a small group of people but thought I would throw the offer out there anyway in case someone could get some value out of it. If you want to see the other offer, check it out here.

You can still get some insane value from this offer at the higher category hotels but you can do the same thing with the points offer so the choice is yours!

The cash price at the Keemala in Thailand for one night

The same room is available with points or the 1 free night certificate

The Problem With this Offer

I really am not a fan of hotel credit card offers that offer a single night as part of the sign-up bonus – whether it is with points or a certificate. You obviously will want to redeem it at a high end property but most people do not go to such a property for just one night. That means you are on the hook for the next night(s) with either cash or points.

In such a situation, having 50,000 points would make staying two nights at such a property much easier.

The featured image is the Keemala in Thailand, a Category 7 hotel that is referenced above.

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