6 Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts for the Traveling Dad or Running Dad

Written by Charlie

If you are looking for some last minute father’s day gifts, check out this list of 6 different things! They are perfect for the traveling dad or the running dad. One of them is even a gift that could be incredible thoughtful but would require a little bit extra from you than just money! 🙂

Tomorrow is Father’s Day – at least it is celebrated as such in many countries around the world. If you are still trying to think of a last minute Father’s Day gifts and you are trying to avoid grabbing an Amazon gift card out of necessity (nothing wrong with them – I love them!), here are a few ideas. These can be great for the traveling dad or running dad in your life!

6 Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts for the Traveling Dad or Running Dad

Gifts for the Traveling Dad

TripIt Pro
last minute father's day gifts

TripIt Pro can help the traveling dad stay up-to-date and organized on the road!

TripIt Pro is an awesome subscription that can help your dad keep track of all his travels while also getting updates about flight delays/cancellations and giving new options. It also comes with a $25 LoungeBuddy certificate for a free lounge visit. To see the great reasons TripIt Pro is an awesome service, check out this post.

TripIt Pro has saved me on trips countless times and if your dad likes to keep things organized (or even to have something else keep it organized for him!), he will love TripIt Pro and you will be the hero!

Cost: TripIt Pro regularly costs $49 per year but Running with Miles readers can get it for just $39 by using this link.

Kindle Unlimited
last minute father's day gifts

Kindle Unlimited makes a great gift for the traveler

Kindle Unlimited is a subscription service that opens up over a million ebooks for free download and use – up to 10 at a time! There are tons of books to borrow and read on any device that has the Kindle reader on it.

Some of my favorites for the traveler is the Lonely Planet guidebook library – a real cost saver! This will let your dad read up on his next trip destination during his rest time. Or it can be a great gift for letting him download a few books in advance of his next trip to read on the plane or in the car.

Cost: Kindle Unlimited costs $9.99 per month. But, if you use this Amex Offer by using code AMEXKU at checkout through this link, you can get a 1 year subscription for $84 – that works out to just $7 per month.
last minute father's day gifts

Get to watch anywhere at anytime – great gift idea!

Yes, the Major League Baseball season is heading towards the middle of the year, but that just means you can get a deal now on! If your dad travels, will let him keep up with his favorite team(s) from the road. In fact, he could even use it at home (though in-market games are blacked out but you can watch them immediately after).

I have been a subscriber for the last couple of years and always enjoy being able to keep up with my Yankees through it.

Cost: For Father’s Day weekend, you can get it for less than half price for the season pass – $49.99 for the rest of the year (and any games prior to this as well). Sign-up at this link.

Gifts for the Running Dad

Now, the first one may be a little tough – you should know what your dad’s race plans are! 🙂 But, if you know what he likes to run, this could be a big surprise of a gift! Just know his training plans first!

Race Sign-up – Daring but a Good Surprise!

Like I said, if you know which races your dad likes and hasn’t already signed-up for, this could be a winning gift! Make sure you know which ones he is training for also so that it doesn’t overlap. But, with race fees going up each year, signing him for a race could be a nice touch.

Check out sites like the Rock ‘n’ Roll race series as they have various distance races all over the world! This could be a great start! Also check the page for races all over the world to find something as well. Tip: If you know for sure what marathon he would like to run but hasn’t signed-up for, go for that! Otherwise, consider a shorter distance to allow for not disrupting a current race plan.

A Twist on it – You could also surprise your dad by signing up for a race for yourself that he is already running! If you are not as fast as him, let him know you don’t want him slowing down but it is still a really cool thing for a dad to have family members running a race that he is!

Cost: The costs can be all over the place but it will likely cost a minimum of $20 for shorter races and well over $100 for marathons.

Runner’s World

Even if your dad has the regular Runner’s World subscription, you could think about the Kindle version! For $10 for a year, he could have it on his devices whenever he wants to read it. If he doesn’t already have it, print or electronic would be great!

Cost: $10 per year through Amazon – for print or electronic. Link

SPIBelt Gift Card
last minute father's day gifts

A SPIbelt is an awesome gift! Make your own gift card to let dad pick his favorite

Well, SPIbelt actually doesn’t have gift cards :), but you could make your own. A gift card for SPIbelt is probably a much better idea than just buying one anyways because they have so many cool options!

I do not run without a SPIbelt on me and that has been that way for years. They are fantastic and definitely a must for runners – or anyone that likes to carry some necessities without the typical fanny pack or filling the pockets.

So, just print out your own little gift design for SPIbelt with your amount on it and let dad order his favorite belt!

Cost: There are items starting at just a few dollars with most belts in the $20 range. Totally worth it! Link


I know there are tons of other potential gifts for Father’s Day but if you are checking this list out, chances are pretty good you need to get something last minute! I think all 6 of the gifts above can make great last minute Father’s Day gifts – without looking like they are being grabbed at the last minute. 🙂

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