The 2018 Daily Getaways Preview Is Here – Getting Cheaper Travel

The 2018 Daily Getaways preview is here! Find out what kind of deals will be coming out in the next few weeks. You can save a lot of money by buying some of these offers so check to see what is available!

A lot of what we enjoy in this hobby involves actually paying for travel – not all of our travel is “free!” But, we are able to leverage various deals to get travel for much cheaper than what it costs most people. Every year around this time, there is something called the Daily Getaways by the US Travel Association.

For the next 5 weeks, starting next Monday (April 9there will be a new set of deals each weekday that will help you travel with discounts.

The 2018 Daily Getaways Preview Is Here – Getting Cheaper Travel

Link: 2018 Daily Getaways Preview

For some, the Daily Getaways is a surefire way to have at least one blog post every day for the next 5 weeks. 🙂 But, to be honest, I do not find too much value in several of the Daily Getaways and I feel that they are also not that great of a deal for most people. For that reason, I will only write about Daily Getaways that present a great value.

2018 Daily Getaways

2018 Daily Getaways Preview

When Will the 2018 Daily Getaways Start

The first Daily Getaways deal will launch at 1PM EDT on April 9 (each daily deal will launch at that same time each weekday). Some of the deals will literally sell out in seconds (like the elusive Hyatt point deals every year) while others will be sticking around the entire 5 weeks (like IHG points). But, we do get a 2 week outlook at what is coming so that will help you decide if the Daily Getaways deal for that day is something that you would get value from.

Good Deals or Not?

Remember – if you cannot make the deal work for you, do not jump on it! Otherwise, you will end up spending more money just to take advantage of this “cheap” deal. In the long run, you may end up spending more for something that would not be your first trip choice just to take advantage of a “cheap” deal. In those cases, the cheap deal took advantage of you!

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