Can You Tell Where You Are From?

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A friend forward me the New York Times Dialect Quiz the other day. I am normally not really too interested in this sort of thing, but when friends and family were saying it told them exactly where they were from, I had to give it a shot.

Where You Are From

It is pretty neat! It has accurately pinpointed everyone I know that has taken the quiz as to where they are from. This includes friends that have moved from their hometowns years ago. I was a bit skeptical with my quiz because I thought that some of the answers I gave were more from my family then indicative of my town. Nope – it correctly identified me as being from Rochester, NY (with Buffalo, NY and Grand Rapids, MI as 2nd and 3rd place)! Give it a try and tell us if it knows where you are from. It is amazing that no matter how much people travel and move that they still have so many speaking habits from their original hometown! So, check it out here.

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