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Will Prime Day and Black Friday Be the Best Days for JetBlue Mileage Runs?

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Written by Charlie

With the loss of the Amazon and JetBlue partnership on the ground, the new best days for a JetBlue mileage run may just be Prime Day and Black Friday. 🙂

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This week, JetBlue finally ended their relationship with Amazon for earning 3 points per dollar when going through the JetBlue portal. This was a fantastic promo that (when it posted the points properly) helped a lot of us earn a fair amount of JetBlue points without spending on a JetBlue credit card or stepping on a JetBlue plane.

Will Prime Day and  Black Friday Be the Best Days for JetBlue Mileage Runs?

Earn 3 Points Per Dollar at Amazon – When Flying JetBlue

They didn’t totally end that relationship, however. You can still earn those 3 points per dollar going forward if you are on a JetBlue airplane and shopping on Amazon through the Fly Fi internet. I can see some people holding off some Amazon purchased if they have a JetBlue flight in the coming days as it is a nice way to earn JetBlue points. Since the points are redeemed at a (somewhat) fixed value, that means you can get 4.5 cents per dollar spent on Amazon towards JetBlue flights.

JetBlue Mileage Run?

There is really no such thing as a JetBlue mileage run (for the most part) since the points awarded are based on the price of the ticket rather than the distance flown. It can be useful if you are trying to hit a threshold for JetBlue Mosaic status but other than that, no reason to do a JetBlue mileage run.

Earn Big Points When Flying JetBlue

But, there could be two days when a JetBlue mileage run could be a bit lucrative! For the past few years, Amazon has their Prime Day in July when they put over a hundred thousand items on sale for prices that can rival Black Friday and Cyber Monday. As a result, that is a great day to get some deal shopping done.

The other day is, of course, Black Friday. That is certainly a huge shopping day at Amazon as well and it is even possible to pick up some items that you can resell later for profit or to earn credit card points on the purchase and even JetBlue points.

Best Two Days for Flying AND Shopping

So, if you want to fly on JetBlue to earn points, it would appear that the best two days to do that this year would be on Prime Day (sometime in July) and Black Friday. Since you can only earn 3 points per dollar on Amazon when flying JetBlue going forward, this would be a way to really rack up the points – if you have a lot of purchases to do.

To run the numbers, if you were to spend $5,000 on Amazon (whether that is for work, personal, or for reselling) on one of those days, you would earn 15,000 JetBlue points (on top of your credit card points) if you shop onboard a JetBlue flight. Those 15,000 JetBlue points would be worth between $225 and $315 for future JetBlue travel. Not bad if you can get a long-haul JetBlue flight for cheap on those days! 🙂

Not Likely for Most But Strange to Think About

Of course, this will not be something to draw most of us on to a JetBlue flight on those days! It is just somewhat hilarious of a thought that it is possible to earn more by shopping on Amazon when flying on JetBlue than actually flying on JetBlue.

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