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Use These Two Deals To Get The Best Prices On GoPro Cameras

GoPro cameras
Written by Charlie

Stacking deals is a great way to get a fantastic price! These two deals can give you the best prices on GoPro cameras because of stacking deals so check it out!

I love it when deals stack! It certainly makes for some great savings and using these two deals will get you the best prices on GoPro cameras.

Use These Two Deals To Get The Best Prices On GoPro Cameras

Yesterday, I wrote about a great Amex Offer that was for $10 back on $50 spend at Sports Authority. It was a very popular offer and is no longer available. Hopefully, you saved it to all of your Amex cards so that you are ready to go with this!

Step 1 – Pick Your Camera

GoPro cameras

Start at

GoPro cameras are not only popular with adventure lovers and sports enthusiasts. They also make for great cameras to film your travels on the go. They are small and very powerful so you can get a lot done with them!

There are several options available but here are three of the most popular – GoPro HERO4 Session ($299), GoPro HERO4 Silver ($399), and the top-of-the-line GoPro HERO4 Black ($499).

Step 2 – Buy Gift Cards

This step is optional but will contribute to your ability to get the best price. Using the Amex cards that you saved the offer to, start buying $50 gift cards. You will get $10 back on each card giving you essentially 20% off anything you buy.

Step 3 – Add Camera To Cart & Apply Code

GoPro cameras

Now that you have selected your camera and purchased enough gift cards to pay for it, add the camera you want to your cart. Once it is there, enter promo code CYBERWEEK (this code is good through 12/5). This will take off 20% (other retailers like Amazon already have that after-coupon price applied to these devices so I am guessing it is Sports Authority’s way of offering the sale price without having to mark it that way so as to increase a couple of the sales where the buyer may not apply the code).

This will bring the cameras down to the following prices:

  • GoPro HERO4 Session – $239 (down from $299)
  • GoPro HERO4 Silver – $319 (down from $399)
  • GoPro HERO4 Black – $399 (down from $499)

Step 4 – Use Gift Cards

Amex Offers

Sports Authority allows you to use as many gift cards as you would like. So, start applying those gift cards to your order. At the most, you will get another 20% off the cost (because of the $10 back on $50 that you got with the gift cards). That will give you up to a 40% discount on these popular cameras! That is a very good price to be sure!

Miss Out On The Sports Authority Offers? This Might Be Better!

Buy Gift Cards With Amex Cards

If you missed out on the Sports Authority offers, you can still get a great deal. The Backcountry offer is still available. This will give you $20 back on a $75 purchase. If you buy the required number of gift cards, you could still go that route with the cameras at a slightly better rate of discount with this offer.

GoPro cameras

Bonus $50 Gift Card

While Backcountry does not have a sale on the GoPro cameras, they are giving away a $50 gift card with each camera. So, figure that into your savings strategy as well. With the GoPro HERO4 Session, the gift cards purchased with the Amex card will yield a total cost of $220. Once you figure in the $50 gift card, that is like getting the GoPro HERO4 Session for only $170 – down from $299!

Better Option?

Not only does all of the above work on this, but you can also use shopping portals for an even better final price (they do not disallow the use of gift cards for redemption purposes). At TopCashBack’s 8%, that is another $24 back in your pocket on the above camera – making a total, end-all price of $146! That is over 50% off the regular price!

This is definitely the better option when it comes to outright savings, but that assumes you can use or sell the $50 gift card you will receive. If you can, this is definitely the way to go! For greater simplicity, use the Sports Authority deal.


You could try to use a shopping portal but the portals that paid out the most did specify that it would not pay out on the purchase or redemption of gift cards. There is no harm in trying so I would go ahead and just apply through your favorite portal anyway and see what happens.

Even without the portals, this is a very good deal. Whether you keep it for yourself, give it as a gift, or sell when the discounted prices end, GoPro cameras are a nice purchase.


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