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Sunday Summary: Visit To Iran, Chase Freedom Offer, Cheap Business Class Tickets, JetBlue & United Make Changes and more…

Written by Charlie

Welcome back to our Sunday Summary Series where we review the posts that were covered throughout the past week.

Today Only: $140 Off Kindle Fire HDX 8.9

Unfortunately, this deal has expired. It was a good deal on a great tablet. If you don’t want to miss deals like this, make sure you follow along on the blog for great deals!

New Amex Offer: $10 Back On $50 Spent At OfficeMax/Office Depot Plus $20 Coupon

Amex is hitting it hard with great offers for spending. On this one, you can get $10 back on spending of $50 or more at Office Max/Office Depot. This works online or in store. If you want to get some free cash, you can use your Amex cards in store to buy Visa gift cards and make a little bit of money before unloading them. If you choose to use them online, there is a $20 coupon that could help.

Southwest Reservations Now Open Through June 5 – Great News For Boston Marathoners

Southwest has extended their schedule through June 5. If you are planning on running the Boston Marathon, make sure you check out the offers available as you can now lock in your travel!

Earn Your Own Chase Sapphire Preferred Referral Bonus

The Chase Sapphire Preferred made a change this week and increases the required spending by $1,000 (now, you need to spend $4,000 in 3 months to get the 40,000 points). However, they also refreshed the referral bonus for this card – so you can refer your friends and get points if they are approved. If you do not currently have the card (or you have not had the bonus in at least 24 months), you could sign up through my link and then refer friends to get more points! – Chase Sapphire Preferred

New Amex Offer: $10 Back On $50 eBags + Discounts And Portals

Yet another Amex offer! This one will get you some luggage at a great discount while earning some great miles/points.

Two Day Sale: JetBlue 20% Off Discount

Now Expired. This 20% off JetBlue discount was for a two day booking period. If you missed out on this, don’t worry – another one should be out soon!

Chase Freedom – $200 Cash Back After Spending $500

The Chase Freedom bonus has been doubled – now earn $200 cash back (or 20,000 Ultimate Reward points when transferred to your Sapphire Preferred or Ink card) after spending only $500 in 3 months! If you already have this card, you can refer your friends and family using this link here. Again, if you do not have the card (or have not had the bonus in at least 24 months), you can sign-up with my link and then refer your friends and family to get the bonus points from that! – Chase Freedom

Delta Dresses Up Their Award Calendar – But Does Not Fix The Big Problem

Delta made some significant changes to their award calendar. It works a lot more like an award calendar should and is much more functional. The improvements are great, but the big problem still exists.

United Changes Baggage Policy On Award Tickets And For Gold Elites

United made some significant changes to their baggage policies this week, but that was not it. They also announced that they will no longer allow their elite flyers to transfer their status with award tickets. This means that family members flying on award tickets booked from a United 1K account (for example) will no longer receive the extra baggage allowance, priority access, or any of the other benefits that currently exist.

JetBlue Adding Bag Fees And Reducing Legroom

On the heels of United’s changes, JetBlue also announced changes. These changes are headlined by the fact that they will be adding bag fees as they launch new fare families and they will be reducing legroom on their 320 aircraft. The good news is that they will retain the title of having the most legroom in coach on domestic US flights.

Paying For Meals With United Miles

If you have so many United miles you absolutely don’t know what to do, this might be something you have an interest in. 🙂

Sorry, Delta, I Like My Math Complicated

Delta is really trying to convince their customers that the upcoming changes are good ones. This post takes their reasons one by one to give you some insight into what they are really trying to tell you!

Targeted: 2,000 Southwest Points For Referrals

If you refer your friends or family to open a new Southwest account, you can get up to 2,000 Southwest points for yourself!

Combine 16X AA Miles And $15 Back On $50 For A Great Deal

For now, the payout from AA is back to 8x miles, but you should still check out this post and save the offer because the big payout will come back on some airline for sure.

New Amex Offer For Photographers – $100 Back on $500 Spend

If you want to grab a nice camera during this holiday season, this Amex offer should be of great interest to you.

Is Amazon Getting In The Travel Business?

It looks like, as of January, you will be able to start booking certain hotels through the new Amazon Travel. However, this will only be for certain cities for now.

Cheap Business Class Tickets The Flip Side of Revenue Programs?

We have been seeing some pretty great business deals that have been coming out late. Here is a look at why I think we may see more of these once the new revenue programs kick in.

Badwater is Back!

The Badwater 135 Ultramarathon is officially returning to Death Valley, but there will be some adjustments in the schedule.

Low Cost Airline To Brazil – $500 Business Class One-Way

Azul, a Brazilian airline, is now selling tickets from Ft. Lauderdale and Orlando to Brazil for as little as $120 in coach or $500 in business class (one-way).

Shoes That Tie Themselves

If you ever thought about getting a shoe that would tie itself using nothing but the wearer, this may be the shoe for you. But, it is not cheap at all!

A Visit Into Iran

Here is my first post about my trip to Iran last year. This is the introduction to the process of getting in the country and the tours involved, as well as a couple of photos.

Some Of The Most Beautiful Hotel Facades

Here are some of the most beautiful, unique hotel exteriors. They look pretty great!

Last Chance On The Bluesmart Smart Carryon

The Bluesmart bag is billed as the “world’s first smart, connected carryon.” It has a lot of features and will be coming out next year. This is the last chance to get it at a discount from what will be retail pricing.


There were a lot of posts this week and I hope this helps brief you on what you may have missed. Thanks for following along!


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