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Sunday Summary: Racking Up Points With Chase Under The New Policy, Overview of Churning Rules, Cheap Foreign Phone Plans, Great Credit Card Offers Ending Soon, and More!

Welcome to this week’s Sunday Summary, a roundup of the posts here at Running with Miles throughout the week. The post count has been down a bit lately – it is a direct result of normal writing time being taken up with training. A lot of training! This week, I start hitting my 100+ mile weeks in preparation for the Running Round the World with Miles – 6 marathon distances on 6 continents in 4 1/2 days.

Sunday Summary

Some Great New Amex Offers

The week started with some nice new Amex offers. Some of them are still available so check out which ones are in your account to get some nice savings.

The Bluesmart Smart Carryon Adds Uber Integration

The Bluesmart carryon was the luggage that really took off in the crowdfunding arena and they have added some interesting new features to the bag.

JetBlue Purchase Points Promos Up To 50% Bonus Or 35% Discount – Good Deal Or Not?

JetBlue has a purchase promo, actually a couple of promos, available. With some purchase mile promos, there can be a lot of ways to take advantage of the purchase to get great value. With JetBlue’s fixed redemption program, it is a different story. Find out if this deal is worth it.

Overview Of Banks And Their Current “Churning” Rules

Credit card issuers have been tightening things up lately when it comes to churning credit cards. This post gives you an overview of these rules and what it looks like now.

Roundup Of Great Credit Card Offers Ending Soon

There are still some of these offers available so check them out to see if you find anything interesting!

End Date And Details For The 25% Deal On United Awards To Hawaii

You can save up to 25% on your United miles when you redeem for travel to Hawaii. This post gives the information about this sale.

Get 25% Off Club Carlson Award Nights In Latin America

If you have travel to Latin America this year, this deal can save you some nice points with Club Carlson hotels.

How Cheap Can Foreign Phone Plans Be? (Or Why Not To Use Your US Carrier Overseas)

Staying connected while abroad can be helpful and safe. It can be very cheap to stay connected! Find out how cheap plans can be in Europe so you have a baseline for your next trip.

The 25,000 Mile And $100 Statement Credit For Alaska Airlines Is Back

The Alaska Airlines card is one of the best cards for receiving miles with minimum spending – as in no spending at all! This link is even better as it gives a $100 statement credit to offset the annual fee.

How You Can Get Bonus Etihad Miles And Extra Baggage Allowance When Flying Etihad

If you are flying Etihad anytime soon, you can get some bonus miles and extra baggage by simply checking in earlier.

Racking Up Points Without Spending And Under Chase’s New Card Policy

Chase has instituted a new policy for picking up credit cards from them and they are quite a bit more restrictive. It is still possible to generate a fair amount of points even with this policy – and without doing any spending!

How Hyatt Made My Daughter’s Special Day Even More Special

I love it when companies reveal a personal touch and what Hyatt did for my daughter was just that!

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Now he uses this experience and knowledge to help others through Running with Miles.