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Sunday Summary: Manufactured Spending with the Apple Watch, Best Ways To Get United Miles, Upgrade to 50,000 Hilton Points, Using Miles For The Most Aspirational Property, A 50,000 Hyatt Point Offer, and More!

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Welcome back to another Sunday Summary – a roundup of the posts from Running with Miles from throughout the week. In case you may have missed something of interest, you can find it all summed up here!

Last Chance To Book These SPG Hotels At Current Levels

SPG shifted the category rankings of many of their hotels this past week. The bad news is that some of the hotels will now take more points to stay at. But, the good news is that there are also many hotels that shifted down in category so they will be even cheaper! The list can be found in this post.

Update To: Manufactured Spending With Apple Watch Edition

Apple has finally told everyone what the various models of the Apple Watch will cost. The stunning revelation was the cost of the Apple Watch Edition – a price ranging from $10,000 – $17,000! This post is about how to manufacture spending with this particular Apple Watch and manufacture a lot of points – even with just one watch!

Great Deal: GoPro HERO4 Black – $399

Make sure you follow along throughout the week so as not to miss out on deals like this! This was a great deal available for one day only and was for the high end GoPro HERO4 Black at $100 off.

Amex Offer: $15 Back on $75 At eBags + Discounts and Portals

Another Amex Offer is back for eBags and you can combine it with discounts and portals to really save some money on purchases at eBags.

Southwest and JetBlue Run Two-Day Sales

This week saw Southwest and JetBlue launch another one of their (very) frequent sales. The prices were pretty decent for the upcoming travel season. If you missed out on these sales, do not worry as they will most likely come back again in another month or so.

Redeem Points For THE Most Aspirational Getaway

Hotels can be a great way to use points at great value. This post highlights a way to use miles to stay at probably one of the most aspirational properties. Warning – it is not exactly mile cheap, but the miles are fairly easy to come by. See if it is worth it to you!

Great Deals Today From Amazon – Active Clothes, Shoes, and Phone

This was a nice day of deals from Amazon for those interested in sports and global communication. Some of you got in on this and hopefully no one missed it if they were looking for these items.

Getting Free Travel To The New York City Marathon

The New York City Marathon is still a bit off, but that means it is now the perfect time to start collecting miles and points to get to the New York City Marathon for free (or just about!). There is no reason it should cost you $1,000 to get there – find out how you can get free travel to the New York City Marathon.

An Amazing World Record Attempt – Twice!

There is a simply amazing ultra and marathon runner – Michael Wardian. This is a story of how he made two world record attempts – within a very short space of time! The distance was amazing for such a short time as well!

Southwest’s More Rewards’ Terrible Customer Service And How To Get Around It

Southwest has a program called More Rewards that allows their customers to use their points at the value of 1 cent per point. That is certainly not a great value compared to what you can get with Southwest flights themselves, but it is nice to have variety and options. However, the More Rewards department/branch has some terrible customer service when there are changes. Here is my experience and how to deal with it.

Great Deal: Baby Jogger Stroller And Amazon Gift Card

Amazon has a great deal going on that allows you to buy a Baby Jogger stroller and get a $75 Amazon gift card for free! This deal is still ongoing so check it out if interested.

Best Ways To Get United Miles For Free Travel

United miles are still valuable to many but they are not as easy to get by flying anymore. Here are the best ways to get those great United miles and how many you can get.

This Time, Delta Is Copying United

Over the last many months, it has seemed that United has copied Delta with changes to their loyalty programs. This time, it seems that Delta is copying United with a particular award redemption, except Delta makes a bigger deal about it than United does.

Nickel and Diming Your Way To Free Travel

It may often seem like a couple of points here and there are not a big deal, but you can easily nickel and dime your way to free travel using those small purchases. Check out how it works and why you want to approach it this way.

Aegean Flights Only Bookable On United.com Within 186 Days

For some reason, Aegean award flights are not displaying on United’s website outside of 186 days from the search period. Fortunately, you can still book them over the phone.

Earn 1,000 Hilton HHonor Points In Less Than 60 Seconds

I love picking up points quickly and this will let you do just that in under a minute!

Upgrade Your Amex Card For 50,000 Hilton Points – And Why It May Be A Good Idea

American Express has some unfriendly terms for customers that would like to get bonuses for a second time. Fortunately, there is a great way to still get those 50,000 Hilton points without a new application.

Marathon To Watch This Weekend – And A Great Light Show

Today was the Los Angeles Marathon and it sounded like it was a good one! Unfortunately, the fast running couple of Ryan and Sara Hall did not have a completely great day. Ryan Hall dropped out just after the halfway point.

Goodbye Credit Card Loads Of The Amex Serve Card

Loading the Amex Serve card online with a credit card is a super easy way to earn miles each month. Unfortunately, that great method of loading is going away next month.

A 50,000 Point Hyatt Credit Card Offer? Yes, Please!

There is a 50,000 point Hyatt card offer out in the wild. Is it one to try to get? I think it is a great offer for most of the customers that would like the Hyatt card. Find out why it is a great deal.


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