Second Stimulus Payment – How Much Money Could You Get?

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With a second stimulus bill coming in the next month or so, here is an update on what we know and how much money it will be for, as well as who may be eligible to receive it and when.

With continued interest in the next round of stimulus packages, here is the latest noise on what a second stimulus program would look like. Up front, it does look like it will not blanket as many people as last time, at least if the White House and Senate get their way. Here is an update on the latest noise about a second stimulus bill, how much it will be for, who may receive it, and when it would go out.

Second Stimulus Update

How Much Will the Second Stimulus Be For Each Person?

First of all, there is not much doubt that there will be a second stimulus package. Both Democrats and Republicans have said that there is a need for one. The only issue is how much of a need and for whom will it be for?

There has only been one that has passed either chamber so far and that was from the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives. That was a monster $3 trillion stimulus package. Here is a calculator that shows what you would get from the Heroes package (which the Senate has said it will not pass but just to show what the Democrats were looking at offering):

Second Stimulus Check Calculator – Heroes Act

But, the latest word out from both the Senate and the White House indicates that the second stimulus checks could be for more than the $1,200 that the Heroes Act offered while limiting the income that someone would be eligible for the checks.

This looks like it could be under $50,000 or even under $40,000 for an individual. Based on past discussions, it could likely be double that for couples filing jointly.

There will certainly be some kind of a compromise but it looks like it could be around the $1,200 amount that was mentioned for the Heroes Act and that was in the original CARES stimulus bill. That would be for each adult with children at $500 each. This could mean that it would follow the same payout amount as the original stimulus bill – but what would change would be who would receive it.

For Whom Would the Second Stimulus Money Be For?

Just this week, Senator McConnell said that they want this second stimulus package to target people who have been hit the hardest, specifically those who make under $40,000 in a year and those in the hospitality industry.

This is very different from the Democrat-proposal so it is likely to be moved around and compromised on. At this point, there is not definitive word if that will be $40,000 per household or individual. It is also not clear if the parties are talking about phasing it out at various income levels like they did with the last one.

At this point, it definitely looks like those making under $40,000 and those in the hospitality industry should be able to receive something in the second stimulus package. With what is going on with US airlines, I would not be surprised to see airline employees included in that as well.

At the same time, the president wants to have incentive money for those out of work to help them find a new job or go back to their old job, if it is available.

As you can see, it does appear that the lawmakers are positioning to be more selective with this second stimulus round so as to make sure the people that really need the money can get it. Last time, a lot of people received money that definitely did not need it.

When Would the Second Stimulus Money Be Sent Out?

Lawmakers are preparing to return to the Senate in a little over a week. On July 31, the current unemployment part of the CARES bill will expire and with it, $600 for those out of work. With a summer recess coming in early August, it is extremely likely that something will be passed before the end of July or in early August.

From that point, it would probably take just a few weeks for direct deposits and then checks to start going out (though there is some talk of the prepaid debit cards instead of checks this time).

Also, lawmakers would want to get this wrapped up before the fall campaign sessions kick off and when all of this will start getting the heat turned up, politically. So, should the lawmakers be able to agree, we should see a second stimulus bill passed in the next month.

Bottom Line

That there will be a second stimulus bill is something of a certainty at this point. The only questions that remain is how much a second stimulus bill will be for and which Americans will receive the money. While many Americans are against a second stimulus bill entirely, I know there are many that have been hit hard and seen their industries devastated by the coronavirus and the responses. It is a tough call to make and I am glad I do not have to make it – I just have to share the update!

If you are still waiting on money from the first stimulus bill, here are some posts that may help you with that

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  • Personally I wish they would permanently add the $600/week to unemployment. It is clear that unemployment alone is not enough to survive!

    • Absolutely! I will be homeless. And so will alot of people. I worked very hard at the same pkace 16 years and the owner paid us under the it looked like we hardly worked. But we paid taxes on that money. I get a whopping 175.00 a week. And in a month that only covers my rent. Not water. Not electric..not food..not phone..not see looking for jobs i do not qualify for taking a job i cant do. Really messes with ur head and then. You risk losing your unemployment if u dont take a job or quit. I think the suicide rate is gonna go sky high if sonething isnt done to help out millions of americans!

      • I live on SSDI and receive less than $1150 a month. I also have my 27 year old daughter living with me to help take care of me, but had recently took on a part time job in hopes of helping me with the bills I have,(rent,light bill,car insurance) , and we need help! Trully wish all these rich people in high offices would stop dragging their feet and get the money out to us.

  • Unemployment payment and this month of July. A another stimulus check won’t be enough. You will still have bills to pay.

  • Unemployment alone was not meant to allow one to survive! Just enough to get by until one finds a real job. If you were to survive on it, why get a job?
    BTW.. what is a “front line worker”? Is that different then an essential worker?

  • If the second stimulus check approved by both Republicans and democrats, will any older dependents be include? This stimulus package debated have begun in early July but right now everyone have no jobs.