Second Stimulus Checks Soon? Here is What You May Get Next Time

Written by Charlie

The talks about the second stimulus checks are heating up. There has already been a new bill pass the House and now here are some other insights as well.

With 159 million stimulus payments already sent out from the CARES act, the first stimulus package, Congress and the White House are working on yet another stimulus bill. It appears that it will come but what you will get out of this one?

What Would You Get in the Next Stimulus Bill?

What the Bill Currently Looks Like

So far, the House has passed their Heroes Act which would amount to a whopping $3 trillion! This post here outlines what the bill contained in it but here are some bullet points:

  • $200 billion for essential workers to get hazard pay (this would include frontline medical workers)
  • $1 trillion for state, local, and tribal governments to help pay “vital workers like first responders, health workers, and teachers” who could lose their jobs.
  • A second stimulus check for Americans in the amount of $1,200 (this would be a one-time payment as with the first stimulus check). However, instead of $500 for children, families would get $1,200 for each household member up to a max of $6,000.
  • $175 billion in housing assistance to help renters and homeowners with rent, mortgage and utility payments.
  • $75 billion for coronavirus testing, tracing and isolation efforts.
  • An extension of the COVID-19 unemployment program providing that the extra $600 per week benefit would last until January 2021 instead of expiring in July 2020 as it currently stands
  • $25 billion for the US Postal Service

This was passed by the Democrat-led House and the Republican-led Senate and the White House have made it clear that many parts of the bill will not pass as is – including the $600 per week extension on unemployment (White House wants a max $300 per week) and the total (the White House wants it no more than $1 trillion).

So far, the Senate has not put forth their form of a bill and, according to reports, it may not come from them until July. But, there are some things that have already been talked about by the White House that they would be looking for in this future bill.

What the Bill Could Look Like and What Americans Would Get

For starters, since any bill would require passage in both the House and the Senate with a signature by President Trump, it would have to be a bill that was to the Republicans liking.

Here is what the White House and Senate is said to want out of a bill:

To that last point, I have some friends who own small businesses with several employees and they are having problems getting some of the younger employees back to work. Those workers would rather stay at home and collect the check they are getting now than go back and work 40 hours a week to get a little more than that. This is likely one of the things that this point would seek to help fix.

So, What Would You Get?

At this point, it is too early to say what you would get from this stimulus bill. Since it would require a compromise from both Republicans and Democrats, it will likely include something like the following, at least what individual Americans would get:

  • Individual checks capped per family (possibly a lower amount, like $600 per person)
  • Incentive money for those out of work to help them find a new job or go back to their old job, if it is available
  • Tax breaks for money spent locally and/or spent on domestic tourism
  • $300 per week in unemployment through the end of the year

As you can see, based on a compromise situation with the information that is out already, it would likely not be what you got before. But, it would be more targeted at restoring the economy than the last bill was.

When Would This Stimulus Money Go Out, if it Passed?

Lawmakers are saying that it may not be taken up and passed until July. My guess would be that they would try and get something passed before July 31 to make sure that the unemployment money continues for those that need it.

The good news is that the IRS now has a system in place where they can get the checks/direct deposits out even quicker. In fact, there has been some talk that they may even do more debit cards than checks (they sent 4 million debit cards out for this past bill).

So, should the next stimulus bill pass, count on it being the last one due to the coronavirus (especially with the general election coming up this year). Also, do not count on seeing any money before the end of July and do not expect it to be as much as the last stimulus checks.

Of course, this will all depend on the unemployment numbers for June, which is another thing that lawmakers may wait on.

Information About the Last Stimulus Checks

You may want to check out some of the other articles I have written about the stimulus payments as well. Hopefully, they (or the comments and answers) may give you some help so you won’t have to wait on hold.

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  • @ Charlie — Every time I see this discussed, I become furious. What, we need the Dow to hit 40,000 by November? The government needs to end the bailouts now.

    • I completely understand you, Gene. I almost feel as if the leaders have just thrown the future to the wind and figure give it up. I mean, at this point, taking every cent from the richest 100 Americans would not even cover the last bill.
      Should a new bill come in, I would like to see it very targeted towards sectors that really need the help – but not a single penny more for airlines after the cuts they are doing to employees after the last bill and their buybacks.

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  • The thing I am furious about is the unemployment packages. They are racking up! I have never seen so many new vehicles in my life. And the next stimulus checks to those with children. I know of someone who has7 kids, doesn’t work but her Mexican husband does work. She gets over $1000 a month in food stamps and sells them! What about the elderly? Why isn’t someone giving them extra money? It is very hard to survive on $1200 a month.

    • Amen I agree I have to choose medicine or food lights or food or medicine or gas to doctor

  • I did not get one bc of my back pay in child support. I have court order saying that I do not have to pay .But they took it any ways for it .I need my money I am out of work bc of the virus. I am home less and no job I need my money and they took it.So what am I going to do .I am going to die I guess and no one cares.

  • I have not gotten my income tax yet I filed them at the end of January so do you have a phone number that I can call

  • I have a child that receives SSI and is direct deposit but didn’t receive a check am I supposed to fill out paperwork for him, I didn’t think I needed to because of the direct deposit?? My other child receive’s MFIP and he is only 9 yrs. old can I get stimulus check for him what do I do??

  • I couldn’t get one because my daughter used me as a dependent which she didn’t get anything for me and didn’t benefit from it at all but since she used me as a dependent I don’t get anything I have worked all my life and paid my taxes I couldn’t even draw unemployment I couldn’t work most of 2018 and all of 2019 because of health problems and I don’t get SSI are disability either and to top it all off I lost my home and everything I had to my name to a house fire I e went from working all my life doing everything I should have done to being homeless and told sorry we just can’t help u wow I talk about a slap in the face

  • So I got the first stimulus check last month. About when will I receive the 2nd one in the mail?

  • Elderly are struggling no food. On 1200 per month I barley make rent and UTILITIES.nothing left for gas for car or food or much of nothing.what will we get ?