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Great News for the New Marriott Credit Cards and Increased Amex Bonuses Available for Some

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Written by Charlie

Check out the latest news on the new Marriott credit cards and also check to see if you received some great, increased bonuses from American Express!

I am playing a bit of catchup here from a very busy weekend with limited access on here so my apologies if you had already read this information on another blog. Thanks for visiting to catch it here anyway!

Great News for the New Marriott Credit Cards

Over the past week, we had some new information regarding the continued merger of Marriott and SPG. First, we know that the programs will not be brought together before the end of 2018 (which still may be a bit premature and we may not see it until 2019). That means that the two programs will be separate for about a year anyway, though policies of the two may change to be more in sync with each other during the next year.

We also learned yesterday that Marriott will keep cards from both Chase and American Express going forward. This is a huge deal for those that want to be able to take advantage of what both issuers have for their cardholders and because it offers yet another way to get more hotel points.

Having dual issuers is something that was the case with Hilton for a long time, with Citi and American Express (until Amex won exclusivity  earlier this year). That kind of move is a nice boost for people like us that like to maximize the points and perks we can get from various cards while it is also nice as both issuers tend to offer competitive bonuses and perks as well to try and draw the customers that only want one card.

As it stands now, both the Chase Marriott cards and the Amex SPG cards are both worth having for different reasons. Going forward, it is nice to know that we will continue to have cards from both!

Link: PRNewswire

Increased Amex Bonuses for Some

Link: CardMatch Tool

The CardMatch tool from (an affiliate of this site) has been a nice way in the past to get targeted bonuses that were higher than the public offers. Last week, it was reported by many people that the CardMatch tool was actually giving out some nice bonuses again to customers as targeted offers.

This tool does not count as a hard inquiry, but rather uses your name, address, and the last four of your social to do a soft check to make sure it is getting you the right offers. This is the same website that serves up most indirect credit card links so it is not some scam.

With some receiving offers of 100,000 points on the American Express Platinum card, it is definitely worth taking a minute to see if you are targeted for this kind of offer! The last time I applied for the Amex Platinum card was when the 100K offer was given through the CardMatch tool (sadly, I am no longer eligible as I have already had the card and the bonus is excluded from those who have already had the card).

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