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Great Deals: Bose QuietComfort 35 II and Bose 700 at Big Discounts [Factory Refurbished]

Written by Charlie

Here are a couple of great deals on Bose noise canceling headphones. Both the Bose QuietComfort 35 II and the Bose 700 headphones are on sale so take your pick! Both come from Bose as factory refurbished units.

People are starting to fly more again which means just as much commotion onboard as before – and possibly even more, thanks to some tempers and issues with some people. Being able to tune all that out – as well as engine noise – is a great thing to have with you! Even if you aren’t flying, noise canceling headphones are great for work-from-home environments also and these two Bose deals are great for either one!

Great Deals on Bose Noise Canceling Headphones

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I don’t know about you, but after I had flown again when it had been a little while between flights, I kind of wanted to hear the engine noise, the bustle (well, not exactly bustle yet!) in the airport, and all that goes into the flying experience. But, I also tired of it quickly and threw my noise canceling headphones into the “on” position. 🙂

Noise canceling headphones are great for all kinds of environments and Bose has been leading the way with this space for quite a while, even if they have the neck-to-neck competition from Sony for the last couple of years. This is your chance to get that great technology and audio connection from Bose at much less than retail price, thanks to these factory refurbished discounts from Bose.

Do not let that word – “refurbished” – scare you away! I have owned several refurbished items from Bose and they always stood by them! In many ways, getting a refurbished item can be better than new because the headphone is broken down and checked over component by component before getting rebuilt to factory specifications. With new products, the items normally are just run down the assembly line and tested rather than being gone over by a human one by one.

Getting the Deals

eBay Bucks (targeted)

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The Deals

Next, here are the deals for the Bose noise canceling headphones. If you want to see all the Bose products that are an extra 15% off, click this link.

Also, there are multiple colors available in both models! You do not need any special code, they just automatically ring up with the discount in your eBay cart.

So, if you are targeted for the 5% eBay Bucks, you can save even more but even if not, you can get either set of headphones at a really great price.

Bottom Line

Here are some great deals for Bose headphones! Take advantage of either one of these. The Bose QuietComfort 35 line is fantastic and the 700 takes a different form factor and adds USB C charging (which is something I love!) with better features. You cannot lose with either one and both are at great prices!

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