GoPro Giving Free HERO5 Cameras to Karma Owners

free GoPro HERO5
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You can get a free GoPro HERO5 camera – a $400 value! But, you will have had to turn in the recalled GoPro Karma drone. Here are the details.

As a recent drone owner, I found this story to be of interest and hopefully will help any of you that had purchased the GoPro Karma drones. You can get a free GoPro HERO5 camera from this!

GoPro Giving Free GoPro HERO5 Cameras to Karma Owners

free GoPro HERO5

The GoPro Karma Drone

The GoPro Karma Drone

When GoPro announced what had been a long time coming – their first drone – I was initially hooked with what I had seen. I had been looking for a drone to add some things to this site in the coming year and was not happy with my first try (the AirDog). The GoPro Karma seemed like it could fit the bill, especially since we already have a GoPro in the house. I mean, it came with its dedicated controller, the drone, a gimbal that could be used in the drone or without for on-the-go smooth shots with the GoPro, and its own case. Perfect!

But, like many others, my mind changed when DJI, the leader in drones, announced the next week their latest and greatest drone – the DJI Mavic Pro. I have been a happy owner of the Mavic Pro for a few weeks now and it is incredible (possible review coming at some point – but you will definitely see some of its results around the blog!). When a few GoPro Karma drones began falling out of the sky, I was even more content with my decision.

The Recall

But, enough about the DJI Mavic! For those 2,500 or so people that had bought the GoPro Karma in one of its many packages, a recall has been issued for all of them to get the battery problem figured out with the Karma to prevent any more problems or any injuries. Unfortunately, it means that the new owners had to send everything back in – if they got a package with a GoPro HERO5, that had to go back as well.

Link: YouTube Videos of GoPro Karma Drone crashes

Free GoPro HERO5

GoPro had already promised all Karma owners full refunds when they turned the drones in but have now gone one better – they are giving all Karma owners who respond to the recall a free GoPro Hero5 camera! That is a $400 camera so that is an incredible gesture. I am sure it has something to do with a combination of a few things – encourage every owner strongly to give up their Karma drone, get the new HERO5 camera to more customers for appreciation of the latest device, and to try to keep them in the fold for when the Karma does get re-released. After all, if you already have your GoPro, the Karma may seem a lot more attractive than the competing DJI Mavic Pro (especially since the waiting list on that drone stretches into next year).

So, if you bought the GoPro Karma drone, get that thing sent in and pick up your free GoPro HERO5!

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