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Even Lower! Apple AirPods Pro Now $70 Off – One of the Lowest Prices Yet

Written by Charlie

The Apple AirPods Pro have dropped in price again – now they are $70 off! This makes it the lowest price ever, after the Black Friday pricing.

Yesterday afternoon, I wrote about this Apple AirPods Pro deal at $190, or $60 off. Well, today it is now $70 off which makes this the second lowest price ever, second only to Black Friday.

Apple AirPods Pro – $70 Off

Link: Apple AirPods Pro on Sale (this is an affiliate link that supports the site – thank you!)

The best price for the Apple AirPods Pro had been over the holidays for $169. If you missed out on that, then this is the next best thing with a sale price of $179 for these ultra popular Apple AirPods Pro. Note: Last night, they were in stock but today they are backordered by about a week or so.

I have owned these for over a year and they are pretty great, but just for Apple users. It is the special connectivity with Apple devices (that is shared across the Apple ID to other devices) that makes them extra special but without that, I would definitely suggest the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds.

I will say that the Apple AirPods Pro check three big boxes for me – they work nicely for air travel as noise canceling headphones, they are great for lifestyle earbuds for noise cancellation, and they work great for fitness activities since they are sweat proof.

Last year, there were two new features added to the Apple AirPods Pro.

New Features from 2020

The new Spatial Audio feature seems like it will be a cool one, using the accelerometer to determine how to make it seem like the audio is coming right from your head. I actually really do think this is quite cool and it will be coming to more media apps on Apple systems.

Spatial Audio coming to Apple AirPods Pro

Another new feature is a very welcome one – the ability to quickly switch devices. While it was ok before, now it is much more seamless and efficient so that it just works with whatever device you are using at the time.

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