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Deal of the Day: Up to 45% Off Anker Charging Accessories, Great for Travel, Work, or Home!

Written by Charlie

Today only, get some great deals on Anker charging accessories. From portable power to tiny chargers that work great anywhere and other accessories, they are up to 45% off!

Another deal of the day from Amazon featuring Anker charging accessories. While battery power in some electronics has improved over the years, people are also on their devices more than in the past as well so it never hurts to have a backup power accessory nearby. For me, Anker devices fill that gap so I love to share those when they hit on sale!

Deal of the Day: Anker Charging Accessories

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Here is the list of the Anker charging accessories on sale today. I’ll comment on my top picks at the end.

It never fails – any of these Anker deals always have at least one Anker item I own. It actually isn’t too surprising because I own quite a few! This time around, it is the PowerCore Slim. While it does not get as much use as before (I have this now for my iPhone 12 Mini), it is always in my bag ready to quick charge my iPhone or charge up my iPad.

The Anker Nano chargers are fantastic – very tiny and work great for charging up iPhones or Android phones that can handle fast charging. It is a USB C out so it works for tablets as well. It has 20W of output so perfect for many portable devices. If you need a USB C to Lightning cable for your iPhone, these are on sale as well.

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  • This is awesome Charlie! Just added some of these to my wishlist!
    Do you maybe have an offer/discount code for for an iPhone Case?
    I found some beautiful ones there, and you guys always link to great deals, thank you!


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